The stuff you need to know



  1. Register a team of 3-7 friends from your hall, organization, or just that group of people you actually WANT to spend time with this semester
  2. Identify a team name.  Creativity will make the Council of Judges proud and just might help you earn points even before the challenge starts! (Plus, you’ll thank us when you see the clue related to your team name.)
  3. Get other friends to create teams.  You’ll want the bragging rights when you win!
  4. Teams can be registered at any time during the challenge, but you must be registered in order to win.


  1. The clues will be released each Wednesday (Sept 2 – Nov 4) at noon.  That will give your team time to plan their attack and gather all of the supplies you might need for the weekend.
  2. The team captain shall henceforth be responsible for challenge submissions (moodle, insta,, in person, or anywhere else we think of).
  3. All submissions must be made before 8 a.m. on Monday of the Gregorian calendar.  An extension may be requested but only with a written note signed by Guy Fieri. #WelcomeToFlavorTown
  4. Tag @elontraditions and use #FromtheFlame on social media.
  5. Refrain from submitting maskless escapades or content containing alcohol, nudity, drugs, or other breaches of the university code of conduct. Doing so will result in the deduction of points and bad karma for your whole team.


  1. Obviously, you should adhere to Croque Monsieur Rules throughout the course of the challenge.
  2. All rules are subject to change by The Council of Judges and their Supervisor’s discretion.
  3. The Council of Judges is not responsible for any injuries that may happen during the course of the challenge.
  4. All points are final. Do not argue about points.
  5. The Council of Judges will demand an apology for hurting our feelings.
  6. All complaints must be filed in Dua Lipa’s Instagram comments with #HeatinUp.
  7. Any and all fonts are allowed, except for Papyrus—which is reserved for the sole use of the Chosen One, Jon C. Dooley, B.A., M.Ed, Ph.D. (The Council of Judges believes the C stands for Chosen.)
  8. From the Flame supports Ready and Resilient Guidelines, and any submissions showing blatant disregard will see our disapproval reflected in the scoring.  And probs a deduction of points. We aren’t ruling out curses either. Like that’s not cool bro. 🙁
  9. Winners will be announced on Tuesdays.
  10. We might share your submissions with our followers.
  11. Weekly prizes will be worth at least an order of truffle fries and an iced coffee for each team member.
  12. The team with the most points at the end of the challenge will win something awesome.
  13. The Council of Judges reserves the right to change and update the Rules of From the Flame whenever we need to.  Such changes will be advertised in community announcements.