Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation & Design Thinking

Major in Entrepreneurship

The Love School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in entrepreneurship.

The program's mission is to develop student curiosity and initiative to build self-managed critical thinkers who recognize, plan, & implement solutions.

To some people, entrepreneurship means ‘starting a company.’ At Elon, we think that perspective is too limiting. Research shows that only 3 in 1,000 college graduates start a company in any given year. In fact, the average age for founding an organization is 40 years old.

At Elon, entrepreneurship empowers students by instilling:

  • Opportunity Recognition. Opportunity recognition is a byproduct of curiosity. Most of us think we are curious. This program emphasizes an active process of curiosity that enables students to explore creative relationships between non-obvious things.
  • Initiative. Everyone wants to create, but we don’t always have the know-how to get started. This program helps students develop the activation energy to explore ideas, the knowledge to manage them, and the grit to see them to completion.
  • Purpose. People who have purpose tend to have the most impact. This program challenges students to find their own passion and trains them to solve meaningful problems in ways that create value for a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Design Thinking. Entrepreneurship involves exploration of the unknown, but the process for exploration is not unknown. This program trains students to employ a systemic approach to finding solutions. The design thinking process includes:
    • Empathize: Learn about the audience for which you are innovating and develop a deep understanding of the challenge.
    • Define: Redefine and focus your efforts based on what you have learned from your audience. Clearly define your problem
    • Ideate: Brainstorm and develop as many creative solutions as possible. Select one to focus on.
    • Prototype: Build a reproduction of one of your ideas to share with others.
    • Test: Return to your user group and solicit feedback for refinement. Engage in continuous refinement.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Love School of Business offers a minor in entrepreneurship. Students in all fields of study at Elon are able to pursue this minor. The interaction of students studying diverse disciplines, including art, science, business, communications, education and law, prompts the exchange of creative ideas and concepts critical to entrepreneurial thinkers. A focal point of the minor pedagogy is its emphasis on students taking ownership of their learning; advanced students in the minor will teach and mentor incoming students as a component of their studies.

Questions? Contact Dr. Sean McMahon.