Elon University Medal for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Elon University Medal for Entrepreneurial Leadership is awarded to an entrepreneur who is a leader in his or her industry and who exemplifies the values of Elon University. These values include integrity, innovation and creativity, passion for lifelong learning, and a commitment to building a dynamic community.

The medal design captures the essence of the award. The flame represents the spark of creativity, the first requirement for an entrepreneurial venture. The open space represents the opportunity for creativity to flourish. Leadership brings creativity and opportunity together for a successful venture.

Elon University Medal for Entrepreneurial Leadership Recipients

  • 2009 – Dr. Jim Goodnight, CEO and founder, SAS
  • 2010 – Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr., CEO and managing partner, Vesalius Ventures, Inc.
  • 2012 – Dr. Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, founder of the Grameen Bank, and chairman of the Yunus Centre
  • 2013 – Ambassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, founder and CEO, Pace Communications, and chairman of the board, American Red Cross
  • 2014 – Dr. Patrick Awuah, Jr., founder and president, Ashesi University
  • 2015 – Dr. Guy Harvey, wildlife artist and conservationist
  • 2016 – Mr. Alexander Julian, fashion and furniture designer
  • 2017 – Mr. Louis DeJoy, president, LDJ Global Strategies, LLC
  • 2018 – Mr. Mitch Kapor, partner at Kapor Capital and the Kapor Center for Social Impact
  • 2019 – Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, pediatrician, scientist, author and activist
  • 2021 – Thom Ruhe, CEO and president of NC IDEA
  • 2023 – Mr. Jay Reno ’10, founder of Feather and partner with 645 Venture’s investment and research team
  • 2024 – W. Lee Williams III and James S. “Chip” Mahan III, founders of Live Oak Bancshares

C. Ashton Newhall Endowed Lecture Series

The C. Ashton Newhall Endowed Lecture Series, named for Elon University trustee C. Ashton Newhall ’98, brings successful entrepreneurs to campus to share their knowledge and experience managing the risks and rewards of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Elon Innovation Challenge

This annual spring event invites Elon students, alumni and faculty/staff to enter their business, goods or services to demonstrate the uniqueness of their product or service offering and their ability to gain traction with customers/users and grow (scale) their venture and sustain momentum.

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Black Innovation Matters

This annual event brings awareness to and celebrates Black innovation and entrepreneurship, recognizing both students and professionals.

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