2023 Multimodal Writing Competition

The Center for Writing Excellence announces its third annual Multimodal Writing Competition. Projects can be submitted from across campus in nine categories: the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Communications, the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Health Sciences, the School of Law, the CORE Curriculum, Student Life, and Internships. You may submit once individually AND once as a group. Individuals and groups of students submitted posters, webtexts, podcasts, info graphics, interactive media, journalism, and other forms of multimodal composition. The deadline to apply is Dec 9, 2022.

The winners and runners-up will be announced at the end of February at an award ceremony in the Center for Writing Excellence in Belk Library. Winners in each category will receive a $100 gift card (first prize) and runners-up in each category will receive a $25 gift card. One overall winner will be selected to receive the grand prize of an iPad.

Application – Click to Apply
Multimodal Writing Competition Guidelines

Previous Winners


School of Arts and Sciences
Elena Hernandez (Winner and Grand Prize Winner) for “Be Human Centered”
Imanol Yepez-Frias and Jerrod Tanner (Runners-up) for “Ohio Anti-War Podcast”

School of Communications
Oliver Fischer (Winner) for “Conservators Center Brings Big Cats to Burlington”
Kaitlyn Heit (Runner-up) for “Tarte Cosmetics Instagram Campaign”

School of Business
Suzanne Zenoni, Jonathan Connolly and Caroline Resetar (Winners) for “CJS Tutoring AIS Project”
Stefanie Milovic (Runner-up) for “Pairing Paws Explainer Video”

Graduate Program
Nan Yang (Winner) for ” Myotome Dance”

An Internship
Hannah Podhorzer (Winner) for “Maternal Mortality Infographic”
Noah Brown (Runner-up) for “Raising Early Stage Capital:  A Cautionary Tale”


School of Communications winners: Maritza Gonzalez, Juliana Walker, Heather Munro, Zachary Hrinuk and Matthew Williamson. Runners up: Kayla Hoey, Sal Buffa, Nicole Sodano, Miles Garrett and Ally Feinsot.

The winners and runners up completed their projects in COM 450: Multimedia Journalism.

Graduate Program winner: Sarah Donahue; runner up: Kelsey Lane. The winner and runner up completed their projects in the Interactive Media Graduate Program.

School of Arts and Sciences winner: Mackenzie Clarken; runner up: Emily Wood. The winner completed their project in ART 460: Advanced Altered Imaging; the runner up completed their project in ENG212 Multimedia Rhetorics.

School of Business winners: Nicole Bunder, Caroline McLaughlin, Alaina Fennell and Campbell Wentworth-Ping. They completed their project in MKT413.

Student Life winner: Kayla Hoey. The winner completed their project in Student Life ENN.

COR winners: AJ Genovesi, Molly Jenks, Caroline Mansfield, Kristiana Ringer and Jacob Whyte; runner up: Ashley Billie.

Spring 2017

CWE/Writing Center Fellows Award

We’re pleased to congratulate the winners of the “CWE/Writing Center Fellows Award.” These students won a $25 Amazon gift card for their professor-selected “Best Student Writing Project”!

  • Ryan Cranston’s “Renovating Trinity Christian School’s Gymnasium,” Prof. Cara McFadden, SEM 226A
  • Ian Kunsey’s “Venue Management Plan: North Carolina Football Club,” Prof. Cara McFadden, SEM 226A
  • Natalie Berman’s “Change of Nationalism in Europe Throughout the Late Eighteenth and Twentieth Century,” Prof. Mike Carignan, HST 112
  • Andrew Lilley’s “Essay #3: Rewrite,” Prof. Mike Carignan, HST 112
  • Alex Lang’s  “Lean Accounting Novel Memo,” Prof. Paula Weller, ACC 336A
  • Anna Paluzzi’s “Lean Accounting Novel Memo,” Prof. Paula Weller, ACC 336A