A summary of Elon’s WEI accomplishments can be found in our Writing Excellence Initiative Final Report submitted to SACS.

Below we provide just a few of the responses from faculty members when asked “What are some positive things that have emerged out of your WEI work?”

Computer Science: “We hope that the new writing instruction will teach students that writing their ideas and writing pseudocode (English) for algorithms will help them become better programmers by organizing their strategies before they sit down at the computer (to code).”

Physics: “The main positive result has been a more focused and deliberate inclusion of writing activities throughout the curriculum. Writing had not been seen as a major aspect of Physics major courses, but our faculty have been seeing the benefits of more writing assignments.”

Engineering: “Our WEI efforts have helped us gain a better appreciation for the value of writing-to-learn. It has prompted us to develop new and revise some existing learning outcomes for each of [our] engineering classes. This has also generated some ideas for future classes in our engineering programs.”

Aspirational Writing Outcomes, by major and department