2024 Multimodal Contest Winners:

Welcome to the 2024 Contest Winners! The Grand Prize Winner for this year comes from Campus Involvement, with James Hemmingway’s Celebrating 10 Years of the Gender and LGBTQIA Center. Congratulations to him, and congratulations to all of the winners from this year. Let’s take a look at the rest!

School of Arts and Sciences:

🏆 Winner: Anna Vassallo ‘24 (Economics & Psychology)

Anna won with her project, “Police Officer Interrogation Tactics: Adolescent Suspects & Suspects with Mental Illness”. Anna’s project targets educated individuals with a basic understanding of psychology, who are specifically interested in the nuances of police interrogation tactics. It explores differences in approaches when interviewing adolescents and suspects with mental illness, shedding light on how police settings affect investigations.

See the full project here.

Runner-up Delaney Guidi created a poster entitled, “The Muffler.”


School of Communications:

🏆 Winners: Claire Cohen ‘25 (Cinema & TV Arts & Marketing)

Claire’s, “Somewhere Between Pigs and Anchovies” is for anyone who enjoys nature documentaries, satire, and mockumentaries. It aims to engage a broad audience that includes college students, teachers, alumni, and anyone connected to college life, hoping viewers find the film both enjoyable and relatable.

See the video project here.

See the video poster here.

Runner-up Jenna Manderioli wrote an article called, “Finding Folk: The Festival of Discovery.”


School of Education:

🏆 Winner: Mandy Hefferman ‘24 (Psychology)

Mandy’s advocacy brief, “Outdoor Education: The Lack of Access in Fairfield County” focuses on the lack of educational resources. It is intended for K-12 students and their families, specifically addressing Connecticut’s State Department of Education and school officials to implement new policies.

See the full project here.


School of Health and Sciences:

🏆 Winner: Kyle Lambert ‘23 (Physician Assistant) & Allison Russo’23 (Physician Assistant)

Kyle and Allison’s project, “Skin Deep” leverages YouTube Shorts and TikTok to educate about dermatological conditions with visual examples. They highlight conditions affecting people with darker skin tones, using humor to make clinical facts more engaging.

See the full project here.

Runner-ups Alex Miller, Nick Bush & Chaney Patton created their poster called, “How Does Dual Tasking Effect Gait in Individuals Who Use Prosthetics?” ______________________________________________________________________________

School of Law:

🏆 Winner: Jennifer Benavides (Law)

Jennifer won for her video, “Interview with Dean Kramer.” This video is meant to resonate with first-generation law students. The point of creating this video is to discuss common misconceptions that many students may have when entering law school.

Full project unavailable ______________________________________________________________________________

Campus Involvement:

🏆 James Hemmingway ‘25 (Marketing & Public Health)

James Hemmingway created a commemorative booklet titled “Celebrating 10 Years of the Gender and LGBTQIA Center”. The booklet was given out to attendees in print to show the history of the GLC and sent out in digital form via email to donors, alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

See the full project here.

Runner-up Kara Mckinley created a video titled, “The Kernodle Center: The Heart of Civic Life”