Disciplinary Writing Consultants are Writing Center consultants, assigned to support a writing-intense course throughout the entire semester, working closely with both faculty and students.

The program:

  • Gives faculty and Writing Center consultants an opportunity to learn from each other in regard to writing pedagogy and disciplinary writing
  • Helps students in faculty member’s class learn more about writing in discipline/ disciplinary conventions
  • Assists students in faculty member’s class learn about their strengths and weaknesses as writers
  • Helps students learn about the value of peer response and the benefits of working with a peer on their writing

Learn more about the disciplinary writing consultant program (for Syllabus or class presentation).

If you are interested in having a Disciplinary Writing Consultant work with you and your students, contact Paula Rosinski or Julia Bleakney.

Applications for Fall 2024 and/or Spring 2025 are due April 25, 2024.