If you’re looking for ideas about how to manage generative AI in writing assignments, Writing Across the University has considerations for teaching writing with generative-AI and AI fall faculty/staff programming.

Developing Writing Assignments Across the Curriculum

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Our brand new (as of fall 2020) blog will feature timely and relevant articles written by Writing Center consultants, the directors of the Center for Writing Excellence, and campus faculty and staff colleagues.

Online Writing Resources

Getting Started Writing & Researching
Understanding Assignments Drafting & Developing
Audience & Purpose Introductions & Conclusions
Brainstorming/Invention Thesis Statements/Argumentation
Selecting & Integrating Sources
Types of Writing Documentation
Writing in Disciplines Revising & Editing
Other Resources Editing & Proofreading
Multi-Lingual Writers Grammar & Punctuation
Avoiding Plagiarism
Active & Passive Voice