Writing Groups

Join a 3-5 person Writing Group this fall to boost your productivity in a collaborative environment. While the CWE provides some suggestions, each group establishes its own procedures.

Participants in existing Writing Groups do not need to register again; the CWE will assume groups continue to work together unless otherwise informed. If you’d like to join a Writing Group, please register and you’ll be emailed details about your assigned group. Individual registrants will be placed into an existing or newly formed writing group. If you’d like to register as a group, each member should register and make the same request. Note that reimbursement support for Writing Groups is intended to be available starting again this fall.

Writing Groups are also encouraged to participate together in the CWE’s Online Writing Boot Camps. If you choose to participate in the optional sharing/updating of writing goals every hour, your group will be able to do that work together.

Writing Group Forms
Writing Group Reimbursement Instructions
Writing Group Reimbursement Form