2023 Multimodal Contest Winners

School of Health Sciences

Alexander Japit

This submission, titled Medical Qigong and Polyvagal Theory, is by Alexander Japit, a graduate student at Elon University studying Physical Therapy. This video was produced for anyone interested in Medical Qigong or mind-body exercises, but could be particularly beneficial for physical therapy students or Qigong Practitioners. The project aims to inform and educate about Medical Qigong and its effects on the Vagus nerve, demonstrating its importance as a practice. Medical Qigong is not heavily discussed in healthcare, but mind-body practices have a lot of potential, making it imperative to teach about them.

Alexander's live webcam overlaying his presentation in the top right corner as he dives into Chinese medicinal components.

See the full project here.

Emily Morenz

“Therapeutic Plasma Exchange” created by Emily Morenz aims to educate and inform hospital-based physical therapists on the basics of therapeutic plasma exchange. In addition, the infographic was created to help physical therapists improve patient care, and continuously be on the lookout for adverse reactions to the treatment. Furthermore, it should deepen the patient’s understanding and encourage them to go forward with treatment. In terms of design, Morenz wanted to increase readability by offering simple explanations rather than complex ones to help benefit her intended audiences, patients, and physical therapists.

A screenshot of Emily's project which focuses on Flex Therapy.

See the full project here.


School of Law

Morgan Earp

As a project created to educate about the ins and outs of juvenile law, this professional website was created by Morgan Earp out of Elon Law. Earp explores every aspect of the subject—from petitions to trials—to fully elaborate on the process to serve as an educational tool specifically designed for parents and the public. Various outside sources included also allows the site’s visitors a more in-depth perspective on the matter.

The home page of Morgan's website she created regarding juvenile law.

See the full project here.

Constantina Palamaris

“Protecting Children From Evolving Online Threats”

Creator declined to grant public access.


School of Communications

Oliva Archer

Olivia Archer, Elon grad ’22 and iMedia ’23, was this year’s grand prize winner. The submission, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake”, features child-like animations of the story. The creator used Adobe Illustrator to create this playful, two-dimensional piece to make this lighthearted work engage younger children. Archer aims to ultimately become a storyteller, which was successfully achieved through this piece.

A still frame of Olivia's video showing a pig in a bathtub alongside text.

See the full project here.

Caroline DiFrango


Creator declined to grant public access.


School of Arts & Sciences

Jay Blue

“The Necessity of Violence in the Fight for Equality” is a timeline looking to inform its audience of key events in America’s history, highlighting those that use violence as a tool to force change and speak out against the unequal treatment of African Americans.

Jay's timeline showing the necessity of violence in the fight for equality in America.

See the full project here.

Greg, Kai M, Kai W

This powerful video created by a group of undergraduate students calls attention to the lack of mental health support in our society. It functions to help others struggling with isolation, as well as calling out the ignorance and lack of support from other members of society. While the video is meant for groups of all backgrounds, the primary target for this video is the group of people suffering from the emotions depicted throughout the piece. The intent of this piece is to inspire change, inform those who lack education in suicidal ideation, and confront the lack of care and prioritization regarding this topic in modern society. Ultimately, the hope is to create a meaningful connection with those struggling with mental health issues and to help create more awareness for this same group of people.

A screenshot of Greg facing himself in the video he created with Kai Whiteside and Kai Mithchell.

See the full project here.

School of Business

Joseph Byrd, Zillian Moe, and Madison McCart

The intention of this presentation is to educate people on financial literacy given a specific family’s monetary situation. By using real-world examples and expenses, people can learn how to best manage their income in all aspects of life, including insurance policies, taxes, and investment opportunities. This group tied for first place in their class for the financial case competition. Their information helped bring this fictional family into a healthy financial position. Financial freedom can seem very overwhelming, but this team brought financial literacy into a simple presentation format.

The table of contents created as a preface to the project created by Joseph, Zillian, and Madison.

See the full project here.

Lucy Verdone, Claudia Flint, Gianna Rella

Lucy Verdone, Claudia Flint, and Gianna Rella created this business idea as an example of the methodology used to integrate a new business into an already competitive industry. They created their work as a teaching tool for new business development students. When presented in a global marketing class, this specific project was used as a pitch with the intent of entertaining and inspiring the audience with the creativity of both the product and the company.

Holidaze Co still advertisement, clipped from the video created by Lucy, Claudia, and Gianna.

See the full project here.


School of Education

Julia Strouse

Julia Strouse created this presentation as a tool to inform and persuade policymakers to make changes in terms of equity and access to disability resources for students in the United States. Multiple nodes of communication and appealing visuals were deliberately used to enhance the efficacy of the presentation. The presentation is aimed at policymakers, specifically those who work for the Department of Education, and could influence decisions made within state and local education systems.

Julia's problem definition which was included in her project discussing the details of why her project is important.

See the full project here.