2018 Multimodal Contest Winners

This is the first year of the competition, which is exciting. Despite the fact that it was the first Multimodal Contest, there was an impressive turnout for submissions from some of the schools and more, including Student Life, Graduate Program, and CORE. Even though there wasn’t a Grand Prize Winner and not every school was able to participate this year, the initial participants made a positive first impression.

School of Arts and Sciences

The winner for this school was Mackenzie Clarken, for her piece “Sophrosyne Tarot Deck.”

School of Business

The winner for this school was Nicole Bunder, Caroline McLaughlin, Alaina Fennell and Campbell Wentworth-Ping, with their creation “The Fossil Group IMC Campaign.”

School of Communications

The winner for this school was Maritza Gonzalez, Juliana Walker, Heather Munro, Zachary Hrinuk and Matthew Williamson, for their piece “The Faces of Homelessness in Alamance County.”

Graduate Program

The winner for the Graduate program was Sarah Donahue for her piece “AstroGoldie and the Eight Planets.”

Student Life

The winner for Student Life was Kayla Hoey for the piece “Panic: Pencil it In. Exploring high functioning mental illness in college-aged students.”


The winner for the COR Capstone category, was AJ Genovesi, Molly Jenks, Caroline Mansfield, Kristiana Ringer and Jacob Whyte for their piece “AFGHANISTAN: AFLAME, AFFLICTED, OR AFLOAT.”