Triple Impact Challenge

Sponsored by the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

When and where?

The next Triple Impact Challenge will be held Fall 2016 on campus.

What is it?

The Triple Impact Challenge is a 5-minute pitch competition open to all Elon students to present solutions for social/environmental issues or ideas for new business ventures to a panel of judges, who will measure potential impact.

Why participate?

  • Engage in a challenge
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Add value to the local community


1st place: $500  |  2nd place: $300  |  3rd place: $200

Previous Winners

Fall 2015

Business Category
1st: Good Groceries (Matthew Browne, Jacob Hammer)
1st: iCan: Get Ready (McKenzie Floyd, Ansley Hamilton)
1st: EZ Heat (Sam Lutz, Jackie Orr, Laura Orr, Madison Tamblyn)
2nd: ShopStop (Lauren Eckstrom, Mary Robins)
2nd: Six Degrees (Teresa Kuhns, Molly Kate, Claire Gibbons, Abby Ansley)
2nd: FoldOn (Kelli Stack)
3rd: Eventure (Avery Brooks)
3rd: MLB Batter's Box (Jerry Moe)
3rd: Soda Ice (Katharine Mann, Alex Simon)
3rd: KC Clothing (Kevin Culloty)

Social Entrepreneurship Category
1st: Altrev: Atticus Grinder
1st: Eco-Tainer: Monique Swirsky, Pat McLaughlin
2nd: Door2Power (Mikayla Born, Mitch Herndon, Austin Pederson)
2nd: Supply + 9 (Shahad Haswa)
3rd: Bubble Bin (Sam Manz)
3rd: Weird Enough Productions (Kameron Bond, Rasheed Cheek, Tony Weaver, Jr.)

Spring 2015

1st: MUCKBRUSH (Mikayla Born, Molly Phillps, Alyx Bean)
1st: T-Cap Tattoo Aftercare Chaptstick (Blake Rice, Jay Faires, William Henderson)
1st: Bus Buzz (Jordan Serotte, Claire Carroll)
2nd: Loop (Nick First, Ryan Gill, Parker Douglas, John Bolton, Tim Bolton)
2nd: Squadd (Steve Bianchi)
2nd: McMichael Coffee Shop (Joey Kermes, James Miralia)
3rd: My Style (Kellen Sorenson, Alex Zaterka)
3rd: DriveID (Matthew Corman, Alex Swallow, Mitchell Achey)
3rd: African Gardens (Laurel June Shuler, Josephine Gardner)

Fall 2014

1st: BioNode (Robert Paxton, Kellen Sorenson, Britta Halvorson)
1st: Weird Enough Productions (Tony Weaver, Negesti Kaudo, Mia Watkins, Rasheed Cheek)
2nd: Fruit Suits (Grant Stimmel)
2nd: Alzheimer’s Therapy Tool (Henry Kean)
3rd: Japanese Internship Guide (Atsushi Hayakawa)
3rd: Megan McGowan (Tiffany MacKins)

Spring 2014

1st: Ace Timing Race Management (Kate Sims, Laura Orr, Patrick McLaughlin)
2nd: Lynkforce (Austin Rhoads)
3rd: Globes to Give Back (Denis Dotson, Anna DeDufour, Paige Edwards)

Fall 2013

1st: HOPE (Helping Other People Eat) (Jenson Roll, Greg Stone, Drew Dimos, Steven Cobb, Chris Coble)
2nd: Elon Handmade (Samantha Italiano, Matthew Goldberg)
3rd: Student Safety Net (Morgan Abate, Samuel Ackerman, Ameya Benegal, Adam Gill)


Scott Kelly, Assistant Director of the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
(336) 278-5967 |