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Environmental Links

These sites contain a wide variety of information for those interested in Environmental Studies.

  • American Solar Energy Society: a national organization based in Boulder, Colorado, focused on promoting and making more efficient the use of solar energy in the United States www.ases.org
  • Association for Environmental Studies and Science:  an independent faculty-and-student-based professional association in higher education designed to serve the needs of environmental scholars and scientists who value interdisciplinary approaches to research, teaching and problem-solving. http://aess.info/
  • Campus Greens: a university-level based organization with values reflecting those of the Green Party, attempting to reform the American government and promote political and social activism www.campusgreens.org
  • Cape Fear River Assembly: an organization based in the Cape Fear River Basin region interested in proper management of the river basin, public education about the basin and what is needed, environmentally friendly policies, and high quality of life for those living in the basin. Representatives are from local businesses, environmental and conservation organizations, government officials, and the general public. www.cfra-nc.org
  • Center for Environmental Citizenship: a student and young-activist community working toward political reform and environmentally friendly practices www.envirocitizen.org
  • Columbia University's Biosphere 2 Center: background information, virtual tour and education programs www.b2science.org
  • Ecological Society of America: a nonprofit organization working to "promote ecological science by improving communication among ecologists, raise the public's level of awareness of the importance of ecological science, increase the resources available for the conduct of ecological science, and ensure the appropriate use of ecological science in environmental decision making by enhancing communication between the ecological community and policymakers" www.esa.org
  • Greenpeace: an organization targeting environmentally unsound practices by governments, hunters and businesses worldwide www.greenpeace.org
  • Haw River Assembly : a nonprofit group focused on restoring and protecting the Haw River and Jordan Lake www.n-t-t.com/haw
  • Land Trust Alliance: a private land-conservation promotion group advocating voluntary land conservation. The organization has training programs, gives technical assistance and directs grants to land trusts in an effort to protect natural lands. www.lta.org
  • Nature Conservancy: a nonprofit organization created "to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive" http://nature.org/
  • Second Nature -- Education for Sustainability: an educational, nonprofit organization attempting to incorporate sustainability concepts into campus life through teaching, research, workshops and other campus operations http://www.secondnature.org
  • Sierra Club: an environmental grassroots organization (founded in 1892) interested in renewable energy and conservation, environmental conservation, and educating the public about current and possible future environmental issues www.sierraclub.org
  • Solar Energy International: an organization based in Carbondale, Colorado, focused on renewable resources education, offering workshops on building environmentally friendly homes and the installation of solar and wind power products www.solarenergy.org
  • National Wildlife Federation: the largest national wildlife conservation group focused on raising awareness and informing the public of conservation needs for wildlife and other natural resources www.nwf.org
  • North East Sustainable Energy Foundation: an organization of professionals and citizens interested in responsible and renewable energy consumption and options. Prominent focuses include workshops for the public, K-12 education and green transportation. www.nesea.org
  • The North American Association for Environmental Education: a network of professionals and volunteers interested in going beyond the consciousness-raising form of education, preparing people to think and work together to make environmentally sound decisions and attempt to solve current environmental problems www.naaee.org
  • United States Coral Reef Task Force: established in June 1998 by President Clinton to map and monitor U.S. coral reefs, protect the reefs from pollution and destruction, and create and implement conservation and sustainable use strategies http://coralreef.gov
  • USDA Forest Service: a government agency responsible for managing and protecting the forests in the United States www.fs.fed.us
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency: established in July of 1970 to protect human health www.epa.gov
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Program: contains information on organisms currently on the endangered species list, the laws pertaining to endangered species, how the individual can help and an educational games page for children http://endangered.fws.gov
  • University of Michigan Environmental Education Web site: a great source of information and environmental updates. Includes an Environmental Educators calendar. www.michiganenvironmentaled.org
  • World Wildlife Foundation: the largest international wildlife protection organization whose goal is to protect our natural environment and biological diversity on the planet www.wwf.org