Aerospace Studies

The Air Force ROTC program is designed to develop leaders who will serve as commissioned officers in the United States Air Force. Students enroll in the four-year program at the beginning of their freshman year and continue through award of a bachelor’s degree and commissioning into the USAF. The four-year program can be modified for students up until the beginning of the spring semester of a students sophomore year.

The AFROTC program begins with the General Military Course. As freshmen or sophomores, students normally attend a one-hour class and a two-hour Leadership Laboratory each week in addition to two one-hour physical training sessions. Students who compete favorably for the award of Professional Officer Corps (POC) status will attend a four-week summer Field Training Program, at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., to give them a firsthand look at the Air Force environment. During the junior and senior years, students begin and complete the POC Program, which is designed to equip them with the tools and strategies they will use on active duty.

Depending on classification (freshman through senior) and contractural obligation to the USAF, the qualified student will receive a monthly, non-taxable stipend of between $300 and $500. When one successfully completes the AFROTC Program and receives a degree, he/she is then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and serves a minimum of four years in the Air Force. Everyone enters the Air Force in a specific career field, usually correlating to their field of study, which is subject to the needs of the Air Force. There are many exciting career fields for active duty officers including engineering, medical, legal, nursing, transportation and logistics, and Aviation (i.e. pilot and navigator).

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