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Please note that these courses are currently closed. Contact the Isabella Cannon International Centre for more information. 

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Argentina: Global Entrepreneurship Ventures ENT 372 IS Interact with entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires and learn about creating and growing a global venture.
Australia and New Zealand: Film GST 229 IS Examine the histories and cultures of Australia and New Zealand to compare the film mythology to the reality of modern Australian and New Zealand life.
Australia: Ecotourism GST 253 IS Identify the differences between ecotourism and commercial tourism. Compare principles of ecotourism through outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing,
canyoning and snorkeling.
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Barbados: Culture, Sport and Media GST 245 IS Explore life in present-day Barbados. Course emphases will support varied academic interests, including sport, media, communication, music, tourism, education,
gender, race, history, economy and politics.
Business in the Caribbean: The Cayman Islands ACC/FIN/BUS 280 IS Learn about the financial services industry as well as the rich culture and spectacular environment of this British territory through visits, excursions and lectures by leading figures within the Cayman Islands.
Business in the Pacific Rim ACC/FIN/BUS 277 IS Explore the impact of emerging markets and learn about the opportunities and challenges brought about from a flatter, better connected world.
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The Call of South Africa GST 206 IS This service-learning program focuses on how literature and communication affect a land with a history of oppression and a resilient spirit.
China: The Flying Dragon GST 275 IS Compare cultural and historical sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall to modern cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.
Costa Rica: Jungle Service GST 268 IS Help preserve the Osa Peninsula through service projects such as helping to build a library in an indigenous village or working on a farm reserve.
Costa Rica: Language, Culture and Ecotourism GST 252 IS Live with local families and visit rainforests and volcanoes during this course combining language, culture, society and the environment.
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England: Field Studies of London's Immigrant Communities Through Photograph's and Words GST 265 IS Investigate and research the many immigrant communities comprising modern London as tourists, ethnographers and visual anthropologists.
EUROMED: Turkey/Greece: Where East Meets West GST 213 IS Live and study at the intersection of Europe, Africa and Asia. As the European Union expands across the Mediterranean, this course studies its impact on societies in the EUROMED region.
European Union: The State of Europe GST 274 IS Study the effect of economic cooperation as a peacekeeping tool by examining the European Union and its lasting impact in Europe.
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France: Reconsidering "Religious" Experiences and Sacred Spaces in Southern France GST 267 IS Live in the medieval city of Montpellier as you explore the idea of sacred space and perceptions of religious experience through the lenses of immigration and the interconnectedness of social issues.
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Ghana: West African History and Culture HST 279 IS Study the development of freedom and democracy in the first African nation to gain independence from Britain.
Great War: The Culture of the Great War GST 232 IS Travel through England, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium while analyzing the impact World War I has had on culture in the modern world.
Gutenberg to the Web: Media's Impact on Western Civilization GST 272 IS Visit European cities including London, Heidelberg, Munich, Salzburg, Berlin and Prague and explore the impact of mass media during three historic periods: the Reformation, Nazi Germany and the Cold War.
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Hawaii GST 258 IS The design of this course is to explore the heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Hawaiian Islands, and to consider the issues of identity formation and political reality in the Hawaiian Islands.
Holocaust Journey GST/ENG 240 IS Travel through Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Cracow, and Prague touring concentration camps and meeting Holocaust scholars and survivors. The journey ends in Nuremberg and includes visits to Jewish museums and archives, synagogues and cemeteries.
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India: Education and Development GST 236 IS Bring the wonder of science to Indian middle school students with a service learning project designed to strengthen local science programs.
India: Public Health Practicum PHS 381  Orient yourself to public health work during three weeks of observation and practice at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed.
India's Identities: Religion, Caste and Gender in Contemporary South India GST 207/REL 273 IS Study the diversity of contemporary Indian identities. This course brings students into a range of Indian religious spaces associated with Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traditions.
Ireland: An Introduction to its Literature, Culture and History  GST 259/ENG 253 IS Study Irish culture through the eyes of 20th century writers and visit historical sites such as the Aran Islands, Sligo and Dublin.
Italian Comedy: The History, Performance and its Legacy GST/ENG/THE 241 IS Jump into a passionate, laughter-filled examination of the past, present, and future of the human comedy in Italy with European experts and Elon professors.
Italy: Fine Arts GST 279/FNA 265 IS Explore museums, historic monuments and cultural centers throughout Italy as you travel to cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence.
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New Zealand: Critically Engaged Eco-tourism GST 266 IS Walk on glaciers, hike on a growing mountain range and boat in fjords. Examine the nation's natural wonders while pondering questions regarding the sustainability of this country's natural resources.
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Peru: Field Biology BIO 335 IS (1) Learn foundational concepts of ecology and field biology through studies in the forests, highlands, and coasts of Peru.
Peru: The Living Heritage of the Andes GST 211 IS Delve into the history and culture of Peru in this interdisciplinary course covering archaeology, language and the environment.
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Vietnam: Business and Culture of Vietnam GST 248 IS Travel to five different cities in this ancient and
culturally-rich country as you learn about post-war
development, Buddhism and business development.