Winter Term 2019

Winter Term LogoWinter Term 2019 will have four subthemes – Health, Intercultural Engagement, Media, and Politics –  providing students with an array of disciplinary and interdisciplinary pathways to explore inside and outside of the classroom. The structure and environment of Winter Term is designed to give students a chance to take courses connected to the sub-themes, learn from a myriad of speakers, and attend workshops and events that foster a unique experience throughout the month of January. Here is a bit more about each of the themes:


Health extends beyond the simple absence of illness to encompass optimal quality of life including physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This theme explores health in its broadest sense across disciplinary boundaries.

Intercultural Engagement

The Intercultural Engagement theme encourages our student community to critically evaluate their own culture(s) and perspectives.  This can be fostered through exposure to and reflection on difference.  Ultimately, we hope to equip students to interact and communicate effectively with those from another culture or background using appropriate cultural and linguistic strategies as well as develop a more explicit understanding of how one is shaped and influence by their own culture and background.  Through this process, we expect Elon students will examine their responsibilities as active global citizens informed by multiple cultural perspectives.


The word “media” is plural, which is appropriate considering it can apply to how messages are distributed and the messages themselves.  Media include Facebook, Instagram, television, newspapers, and more.  Media consumption can be Game of Thrones or a presidential speech or a friend’s Facebook live.  What we consume, how we consume it…and how we can tell fact from fiction…will all be explored in this theme.


Although the word politics comes from the time of Greek city-states to mean “affairs of the city,” today we see it to mean something broader than government. Harold Laswell stated, “Politics is who gets what, when, and how.”  Sam Kernell defined politics as the “process by which individuals and groups reach agreement on a common course of action even as they continue to disagree on the goals that action is intended to achieve.”  This theme will explore all things political, governmental, and societal.

Questions, ideas, and inquiries regarding Winter Term 2019 can be directed to University Registrar Rodney Parks or Associate Provost for Academic and Inclusive Excellence Brooke Barnett.