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COM 272 The Sundance Experience Utah This Communications’ course will explore the many facets of the role of the modern day film festival. Students will interact with professionals in promotions, distribution and independent filmmaking while immersing themselves in the aesthetics and culture of film. Students will spend one week at Elon, put on a small film screening, and then travel to Utah to attend a week of the Sundance Film Festival. They will research topics prior to attending the festival and complete journals and related assignments upon returning to campus.
ENS 350 Environmental Visions Arizona and Costa Rica An environmental course based around the contrasting biospheres in these areas.
GST 258 Hawaii: Nation or State? Hawaii Explore the heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Hawaiian Islands, and consider the issues of identity formation and political reality in the Hawaiian Islands.
GST 416 Wealth and Poverty New York City & Elon Students will be learning about how global economy serves to increase the disparity between the rich and the poor in our world.  Students will look at these facts from economic, philosophical, and ethical perspectives
HSS 282 Human Services Studies Practicum Pikeville, KY Students will be experiencing the small city life of Eastern Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains.  Students will be working in local non-profit human services agencies, attending events for the arts, utilizing parks for recreation, and interacting with other students from University of Pikeville.  Students will complete 120 hours of field work during the course.