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Some diversity-related course activities in 2013

  • Did a 30-hour field experience in a local Title I school (Grove Park Elementary).
  • Did hypothetical job interviews with consular offices in Spain, Argentina or Chile to show knowledge of issues related to culture and identity.
  • Analyzed contemporary bloggers involved in global movements such as Arab spring and talked with Pulitzer Prize reporter Stephen Franklin about his experience covering such movements.
  • Talked with officials in Frankfurt, Germany about the goals of their immigration policies and visited Frankfurt neighborhoods to analyze the implications of those policies.
  • Wrote memos to local education officials after analyzing empirical evidence for whether test score achievement is impacted by socioeconomic status, class size and teacher experience by gender and by race.
  • Participated in a hands-on simulation of what it’s like to live in poverty in the U.S.
  • Partnered with students in another course to debate the use of animals in research, the implications of brain death, Alzheimer’s Disease and the rights of patients to make their own decisions.
  • On-campus students studying the anthropology of Africa communicated with Elon students studying in Ghana.
  • Analyzed their experiences doing homestays with families in Costa Rica.
  • Interviewed someone from a different generation about their media usage and compared to their own usage.
  • Conducted oral history interviews with people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.
  • Cooked authentic dishes and discussed French culture with students in other courses studying France.
  • Talked with Alamance County students with a financial need and/or no family history of college who graduated from Elon Academy’s college access program.
  • Created their own Fancy dress (Carnaval) street parade and celebration on the last day of classes.