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We need you

Ever Elon logoWhen the Elon community came together Oct. 11 to launch the public phase of Ever Elon: The Campaign for the Future of Our University, we weren’t simply announcing a major fundraising drive. The energy and joy on campus confirmed this event as a celebration of our core values and an opportunity to take a courageous look forward.

The launch of Ever Elon is a turning point in the university’s history. This is the first campaign to focus primarily on building the endowment, the long-term investment fund that is vital to securing Elon’s future. This reflects a new maturity at Elon, a recognition that we are not just looking to fund our present needs but thinking about preserving our distinctive contribution to American higher education for generations to come.

We have attracted some of the best students in the country — smart young people with good hearts. We have attracted the most marvelous faculty. We have built the most beautiful campus, and now we need to take the long-term view and ask ourselves, “How are we going to sustain this for future generations?” Ultimately, that is what endowment is all about.

The largest Ever Elon endowment objective is to expand the size and number of scholarships for students. As the first person in my family to earn a four-year degree, I know the power of scholarships to change lives. Elon must remain open to students from all economic backgrounds. We cannot afford to be a gated community for the privileged and the wealthy. We must have the resources to compete for students who have special academic, performing arts or athletic talents. Having students from all backgrounds and abilities at Elon enriches our educational program and our campus, and scholarships funded through endowment make that possible.

Through Ever Elon, we also seek to increase endowment support for the extraordinary faculty who are committed to transforming the lives of students. They work one-on-one with students, advise them in under-graduate research projects, lead exciting study abroad programs, create new, innovative courses and help stu-dents connect their learning in and out of the classroom. Faculty must also have the time they need to be active scholars. Knowledge is exploding and the world is changing at warp speed. This campaign goal is all about giv-ing faculty the gift of time — time with students, time with their research.

Ever Elon also includes goals to endow the signature engaged learning programs that have propelled our university to the top of so many college rankings. And we intend to endow the maintenance and conservation of our stunning campus. The full details of the campaign goals are explained beginning on page 18, and I encourage you to continue reading to discover more about Ever Elon.

Every member of the Elon community — alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends — has a role to play in making the campaign a success. You can attend one of the regional Ever Elon kickoff events, which began this month and will continue in the coming year. You can visit the new campaign Web site (www.everelon.org), where you can learn more about the Ever Elon goals, view about 100 videos of individuals sharing their Elon stories and add your own story. You also can help spread the word about Ever Elon in your community and encourage others to become involved.

Finally, please consider making a gift to the campaign — your personal commitment to our university’s future. Every gift to Elon, regardless of the size, makes a difference in the lives of students.

Ever aspiring. Ever a community. Ever engaging. Ever transforming. Ever enduring. These are five words that are Elon. I want to add one last essential word — you. You will write the script for the Elon story to come. It is the call of our generation to endow and perpetuate our university for future generations. Answering that call will take each and every one of us. We need you. We are all Ever Elon.

Leo M. Lambert