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Digital Collections

This page provides links to a variety of digital collections that pertain to the history of Elon University and surrounding local geographic regions. Please contact  the Archives Staff if you have questions about any of these digital collections, or are interested in seeing any original documents.

Academic Catalogs (1890-2011)
Alumni Magazine Publications (1928-2011)
Broadside Today SGA Publication (1972-1973)
Buildings and Spaces Collection
Bulletin of Elon College (Special Series) (1905-1976)
Campus Crier Student Newspaper (1962-1969)
Campus Notes Publication (1957-1971)
Dimensions Today Publication (1974)
Elon Alumni News Publication (1937-1974)
Elon Alumni Voice Publication (1928-1930)
Elon College Communicator Publication (1970-1983)
Elon College Monthly Publication (1891-1896)
Elon College Weekly Student Newspaper (1910-1913)
Elon Reporter, Bulletin of Elon College Publication (1962-1974)
Elonian Publication (1907-1908)
Flickr—Elon University Images
Honors Theses
Magazine of Elon Publication (1974-2011)
Manuscript Missal (Chant Book)
Maroon and Gold Student Newspaper (1920-1970)
News and Notes Publication (1961-1969)
North Carolina Yearbook Index Database
O’Kelly Chapel Record Books
The Pendulum Student Newspaper (1974-2012)
Philip L. Carret Thomas Jefferson Essay Competition
Postcard Collection
Scrapbook Collection (Full-Text)
Scrapbook Collection (General Listing)
Staley (William Wesley) Presidential Letters
Student Handbook (1922-2012)
Student Newspapers (1910-2012)
Veritas/Liberated Press Student Newspaper (1968-1970)
Video Collection
Yearbooks (Phi Psi Cli 1913-2011)


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