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General Information Regarding The Special Collections

The majority of the items in Special Collections are housed in the Belk Library Archives and Special Collections Department. Please view the second floor map of Belk Library for the exact location. Most of the materials in the Special Collections are books, but a few collections include photographs, personal papers, audio visual materials, and artifacts. All of the books in each collection can only be used in the library and are not available to be checked out. Please contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for further information regarding access and use. Below are brief summaries describing each Special Collection and links to online sources related to the collections.

   Church History Collection  Jane Belk Moncure Children's Book Collection
   Elon Authors Collection  Williams-Honeycutt Rare Book Collection
   Johnson Signed Book Collection  Bible Collection
   Hubert McLendon Civil War Collection  


Christian Sun


The Church History collection contains materials relating to the Christian Church (founded by James O’Kelly in 1794 in North Carolina and Virginia), the Congregational Church (founded in 1620), Congregational Christian Churches (formed in 1931), Evangelical and Reformed Churches (formed in 1934), and the United Church of Christ (formed in 1957). Additionally, this collection has items pertaining to the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ and all conferences predating the Southern Conference. The collection consists of individual church histories, biographies of ministers and notable people, meeting minutes from various conferences, photographs, audio-visual materials, items documenting African Americans in churches and conferences, prominent church periodicals and newspapers, and other published and unpublished documents relating to the subjects previously mentioned. The majority of the materials pre-date 1957, the time when the Congregational Christian Church merged with the Evangelical and Reformed Church to form the United Church of Christ. Items are continually added to this collection based on relevance and need.

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Elon College magazine


This collection primarily has books that Elon University faculty, staff, students, and alumni have written, edited, contributed a chapter/forward/introduction to, and/or published. Some audio-visual materials are also included. Most editions in the collection are signed. Items are continually added to this collection.

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The original books in this collection were assembled by Ruth Johnson (sister of former librarian at Elon, Oma U. Johnson). The core of the original collection contains signed books written by Southern authors. Over the years the collection has evolved and expanded. Currently, additions to the collection include any book that the library receives that is signed by the author. Many of the books are signed by authors that have visited Elon’s campus to speak.

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The books in this collection were donated to Elon by Hubert McLendon, a long-time supporter of the library and a noted Civil War historian. The majority of the books in the collection are about the Civil War from the Confederate viewpoint. Along with Mr. McLendon’s donation of Civil War books, he also donated some of his personal papers, Civil War periodicals, and other Civil War memorabilia. Items are continually added to this collection based on relevance and need.



This collection contains a complete set of the published works of Jane Belk Moncure, a noted children’s book author and educator. Many of the books in the collection have been translated into other languages including British English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Malay. Books are no longer being added to this collection.

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This collection of first-edition books from the 18th and 19th centuries was donated to the library by Elon faculty member Earl Honeycutt and his wife, Laura. The first-edition books were in Laura Williams Honeycutt’s family for over 150 years. Notable books include an 1854 copy of Walden; Or, Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau, an 1897 copy of Following the Equator by Mark Twain, and a set of books by Jules Verne dated from 1869 to 1924. The collection represents an important part of Belk Library’s collection of first-edition books.



This collection consists of important Bibles Belk Library has received from a variety of different donors and locations. Currently, the entire collection is in the process of being organized and cataloged. Please refer to the brief descriptions below regarding the various collections.

William Sloan Bible Collection
This collection of rare and unique Bibles was donated to the library in 1988. William Sloan was a professor of Bible and Religious Education at Elon College from 1947 to 1972. After leaving Elon, Mr. Sloan and his wife, Bessie Pickett Sloan, travelled to various areas in the world such as Russia, Africa, and Europe-collecting Bibles along the way. About 50 books make up the collection, including New Testaments printed in languages such as Swahili and Icelandic.

Pulpit Bible Collection
This collection contains oversized Holy Bibles that were used as pulpit Bibles at Christian and Congregational Churches in North Carolina and Virginia.

Miscellaneous Bibles
This collection includes a Bible used by James O’Kelly, family Bibles, a 1599 Geneva Bible, and a 1613 King James Bible.

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