El Centro

Volunteer in the community

El Centro provides you with many opportunities to become a volunteer in the community, all while practicing your Spanish skills.

We are working together with'It Takes a Village Project'.It is a program that uses a collaborative approach to help children in the community who are struggling to read. Children and Elon students who are majoring in Education are paired together for weekly tutoring sessions at May Memorial Library in downtown Burlington. While in an environment rich with available resources, the preservice teachers assess the individual reading challenges of the children and show their parents different techniques they can use at home to help improve reading skills.

Students who come to El Centro can get involved through these programs:

The Village Reading Project: One-on-one instruction for struggling readers (K-8) and parental support in a non-threatening setting.

Science in the Village: Hands-on opportunities for students (K-8) to develop the kinds of understanding and skills necessary to be problem-solvers in a scientific and technological world.

Music in the Village: Students learn the basics of music while using the voice as an instrument. Students also learn instruments, such as piano, guitar and percussion instruments, in addition to receiving an introduction to music technology.

The Village Flex: Addresses academic enhancements for the students (K-9) who have been with the Village Project for awhile and are now above grade level.

The Little Village: Addresses early childhood emergency literacy for children who are ages 3 to 5.

Village Outreach: Adult education ESL/Spanish Language class for parents of our students. 

This is a great opportunity to practice and improve your Spanish while helping the community. 

For further information about volunteering opportunities in the area, come by El Centro (Carlton 114) or give us a call at 6518.