• A street market in South London. Photo credit Kim Jones.
  • Students in a Qualitative Research Methods class and members of the APO Service Learning fraternity celebrate Halloween 2009 with children at the East Burlington Community Center. Photo credit Kim Jones.
  • Apple pressing in Cowee, NC 2008 as part of research conducting through PERCS. Photo credit Kirsten Rhodes.
  • NC potter Mark Hewitt with a clay coil for a large pot in Pittsboro, NC 2005. Photo credit Tom Mould.
  • A young woman getting her lip pierced at Kingpin Tattoo in Greensboro, NC 2002. Photo credit Lauren Vilis & Samiha Khanna.

Teaching Module on Ethics & Human Subjects

Before heading into the field—whether to observe, interview, or participate—you should consider carefully how your actions might impact the people you meet. This is as true for a researcher entering the field for an extensive, in-depth study as it is for a student working on a small class assignment. Click on the links below for resources to help prepare you to enter the field.

- IRB Proposal Example for Unnamed Sources
- IRB Proposal Example for Named Sources 

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