Art A.B.

The A.B. affords students the opportunity to pursue art making in a rich interdisciplinary environment. The degree offers a balance of courses in art fundamentals and electives with in-depth involvement in studio practice. All studio courses emphasize hands-on experience where confidence, skills and ideas are developed. Small classes and well-equipped work spaces provide students with the environment and tools conducive to the creative process. Students work closely with a faculty of active artists with first-hand knowledge of the medium.

Art A.B. Degree Requirements & Courses

Art B.F.A.

The B.F.A. in Studio Art builds on the foundation of liberal studies and offers students significant time for focused research and rigorous studio practice. This studio-intensive program is designed for student artists who have an exceptionally strong commitment to their work; seek to become independent artists, creative problem-solvers and critical thinkers; are passionate about creating artwork that purposefully combines complex ideas with an advanced understanding of media and the context for art making; develop an appreciation for the relationship between the liberal arts and the study of art/art history; and are considering further study at the graduate level and/or a career as a professional artist.

Art B.F.A. Degree Requirements & Courses

B.F.A. Application Materials

Art History A.B.

The major and minor in Art History provide a broad and in-depth study of images and objects from prehistory to the present in a global context. Courses are designed to prepare students for graduate programs in art history, visual culture, cultural studies, museum studies, area studies, classical studies, and critical theory, as well as medical school, law school, and a constantly shifting employment market. An art historian’s primary resources include visual objects themselves, so specialized training in formal analysis is vital to our studies; however, close reading and analysis of written texts and practice writing in a variety of contexts also play a central role in our work.

Art History Degree Requirements & Courses


Art Minor

Art Minor Requirements & Courses

Art History Minor

Art History Minor Requirements & Courses

Digital Art Minor

Digital Art Minor Requirements & Courses

Photography Minor

Photography Minor Requirements & Courses