Graduating senior, KJ Jacoby, 2023. Installation detail of thesis capstone project, Gallery 406, Elon University

BA in Art

The BA affords students the opportunity to pursue art making in a rich interdisciplinary environment. With a balance of art fundamentals and in-depth electives, all studio courses emphasize hands-on experience to develop confidence, ideas, and skills. Working closely with a faculty of active artists, small classes of students explore a variety of media in well-equipped workspaces conducive to the creative process. As part of their training as artists, students are strongly encouraged to select the best Core Curriculum and other courses outside the major that will complement their research and art making.

BA Degree Requirements & Courses

BFA in Art

The BFA in Studio Art builds on the foundation of liberal studies and offers students significant time for focused research and rigorous studio practice. This studio-intensive program is designed for student artists who have an exceptionally strong commitment to their work; seek to become independent artists, creative problem-solvers and critical thinkers; are passionate about creating artwork that purposefully combines complex ideas with an advanced understanding of media and the context for art making; wish to develop an appreciation for the relationship between the liberal arts and the study of art/art history; and are considering further study at the graduate level and/or a career as a professional artist.

BFA Degree Requirements & Courses

BFA Application Materials

Thesis capstone reception, Gallery 406 Elon University


Art Minor

Art Minor Requirements & Courses

Digital Art Minor

Digital Art Minor Requirements & Courses

Photography Minor

Photography Minor Requirements & Courses

Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts Minor: for students interested in Art Therapy

Expressive Arts Minor Requirements & Courses