When can I come to the Loy Farm?

The Loy Farm is open to all students at any time of day. Occasionally, the drive-in gate to the farm is locked, but the walk-in gate is always open. Please park your car and use the walk in gate if the drive in gate is closed. Students are welcome to come and go to complete fieldwork, enjoy lunch or do homework at a picnic table or simply enjoy the scenery. However, please be mindful of the signs indicating where research is being conducted. It is very important not to disturb or tamper with these research projects. Please leave these areas alone and enjoy the other areas of the farm.

Does the farm offer volunteer and internship opportunities?

Students are welcome to come to the farm as individuals or with organizations. Contact student coordinator Allison Hren for additional information about volunteer and internship opportunities.

Where does the food go?

The food grown at the farm is used to serve the community. Students, Mill Point Catering and Elon Campus Kitchen use the food, and a lot of it is donated to Allied Churches, a local group that helps feed those in need of food.