When can I come to the Loy Farm?

Loy Farm is open to all students at any time of day. Occasionally, the drive-in gate to the farm is locked, but the walk-in gate is always open. Please park your car in the designated circular parking area and use the walk-in gate to enter the farm. Students are welcome to come and go to complete fieldwork, enjoy lunch or do homework at a picnic table, or simply enjoy the scenery. However, please be mindful of the crops, especially those that have signs indicating where research is being conducted. It is very important not to disturb or tamper with the hard work put into the farm, both by students and researchers. Please feel free to enjoy the open barn classroom, the picnic areas, and the open space.

Does the farm offer volunteer and internship opportunities?

Students are welcome to come to the farm as individuals or with organizations.

Where does the food go?

All of the food grown at the farm is utilized in the community. Students, Mill Point Catering, and Elon Campus Kitchen use the food produced. In addition, much of the production goes to feeding our local Burlington community via Allied Churches of Alamance County.

How can I get involved?

Students are welcome to come to the farm as individuals or with organizations. A farm work day is held weekly by the student farm manager, dates and times announced via the Facebook page. In addition, internships are offered at the farm for students that wish to learn and engage with farming techniques and practices. Contact Lecturer in Environmental Studies Jacob Rutz at jrutz@elon.edu for additional information about internship opportunities.

What do I need to bring?

We always recommend bringing a water bottle and weather/season appropriate clothing

Can I bring my personal compost to the farm?

For personal compost, we ask that you please bring it to the compost bins at the community garden instead. The compost bin at Loy Farm is designated for food scraps and waste created at the farm. For further information, view the Community Garden website.