Chemistry B.S. (ACS Certified)

The ACS-certified Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry provides the preferred course of study for entrance into graduate school and an excellent foundation for premedical studies.

Chemistry B.S. Degree Requirements & Courses

Chemistry A.B.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry is excellent preparation for studies in chemistry and medicine. Because it requires fewer credit hours than the B.S. degree, the A.B. degree in chemistry is an ideal option for a double major.

Chemistry A.B. Degree Requirements & Courses

Biochemistry B.S.

Administered by the Department of Chemistry, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry (61-65 semester hours) is offered in a three-tiered structure. Foundational courses are taken from biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Intermediate courses in biochemistry, genetics and organic chemistry provide in-depth knowledge. Advanced electives in biochemistry, biology and chemistry allow students flexibility in tailoring a curriculum to fit their post baccalaureate goals. The major concludes with a capstone experience focusing on an advanced topic in biochemistry coupled with the creation of a scientific research proposal.

Biochemistry B.S. Degree Requirements & Courses


Chemistry Minor

Chemistry Minor Requirements & Courses