Music Performance A.B.

Elon offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in music performance* (instrumental or vocal emphasis) for students interested in graduate school, apprenticeships, applied teaching and performing careers. Performance majors may combine their performance concentration with a minor in jazz studies, music technology or piano pedagogy.

Music Performance Degree Requirements & Courses

Music Education B.S.

Elon’s music education program prepares graduates with the essential knowledge, skills, and cultural awareness to teach in the diverse 21st century classroom.  The music education program instills and nurtures a commitment to first-rate teaching, lifelong creative expression, and the willingness to be enriched by and value the many and varied musical cultures found in the communities in which they will serve. As is typical in all collegiate Music Education programs across the country there are periodic reviews of one’s progress.

Music Education Degree Requirements & Courses

Music Production and Recording Arts B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Music Production & Recording Arts degree is designed for students who wish to study the intersection of music, technology, and liberal arts. This includes songwriting, composing music for film and video games, audio engineering, postproduction, music business, and performing in commercial music genres. The degree program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the music industry, graduate studies in music technology, or related fields.

Music Production and Recording Arts Degree Requirements & Courses

Music in the Liberal Arts A.B.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music in Liberal Arts degree is designed for those students with the specific wish to be as versatile in their collegiate experience as possible, with the result being the creation of an extremely well-rounded musical experience.  This degree also gives students the opportunity to be involved in a lot of different ensembles, delve into a number of different musical arenas, as well as combine their music with other majors from around the campus.

Music in the Liberal Arts Degree Requirements & Courses



Music Minor

Music Minor Requirements & Courses

Music Production & Recording Arts Minor

Music Production & Recording Arts Minor Requirements & Courses

Jazz Studies Minor

Jazz Studies Minor Requirements & Courses

Piano Pedagogy Minor

Piano Pedagogy Minor Requirements & Courses

Applied Music: Individual and Group Instruction

Applied Music Requirements & Courses