The Phoenix Band Scholarship is a selective merit-based program for academically and musically strong students who have a passion and demonstrated interest in instrumental music. A $6,000 scholarship is awarded annually to 20 students.

Program Highlights

As a Phoenix Band Scholarship recipient, you will immediately join a group of skilled musicians who are dedicated to continuing their studies in music by performing in various instrumental ensembles. This program is designed to foster a lifelong passion for music.

During the four-year program, you will:

  • Perform with the Phoenix Winds Ensemble each semester.
  • Perform with the Fire of the Carolinas Marching Band each fall semester.
  • Participate in leadership opportunities that interest you.

Ready to Apply?

Submit an unedited video recording demonstrating musical ability is required. Students with substantial and broad leadership experiences in their high school and/or communities are competitive candidates for a Phoenix Band Scholarship. Twenty Phoenix Band Scholarships are awarded each year.

Video Submission

Submit/Upload an unlisted YouTube link to an unedited video recording in which you introduce yourself and perform:

  • Any five chromatically adjacent major scales (e.g., C, D-flat, D, E-flat, and E) in any rhythm and range you choose. Greater range and speed will improve your score if performed well. Arpeggios are not necessary.
  • A chromatic scale through the full practical range of your instrument.
  • A solo/etude (approximately 3-5 minutes in length) that has contrasting sections (lyrical and technical) to demonstrate their musical ability.

Submit/Upload an unlisted YouTube link to an unedited video recording in which you introduce yourself and perform both mallet instruments and snare drum. The audition selections you perform may be from the solo repertoire for the various instruments or from etude books. Your audition should reflect your true ability on each instrument, so you should select music that reflects the most mature music you feel capable of performing well. If you do not have the background to perform in both areas, you are welcome to audition on one or the other of the above instruments. You may also audition on a drum set if you have experience in that area as well.


Early Decision and Early Action applicants should submit videos by November 10. Students applying Regular Deadline should submit videos by February 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend any audition etudes?

We don’t have any specific recommendations, but All-State Band etudes are good examples. Also consider etudes from any method book you use. Your technical etude should show us how you perform technically demanding music. The lyrical etude should exhibit your tone and musicality in slower passages. However, you should also strive for outstanding tone and musicality in your technical etude and accuracy in your lyrical etude. The bottom line is to select etudes that show us what you can do rather than what you can’t do.

What are you listening for in the audition?

We are trying to determine how likely you are to be a strong contributor to the Elon Band program. We are interested in finding exceptional musicians who exhibit thorough preparation by performing:

  • with confidence and a clear characteristic tone throughout the range of their instrument
  • with accuracy of pitch (intonation), rhythm, and tempo
  • with a wide dynamic range informed by printed instructions and personal musical judgment
  • with an educated and conscientious approach to musical style
  • with attention to detail of every aspect of musical performance
  • on an instrument that has been well maintained and is in good working order
  • with accuracy, musicality, and a steady tempo