Alumni Spotlight

Ashley Jenkins, Psy.D., L.M.H.C.; Clinical Correctional/Forensic Psychology

Photo of Ashley JenkinsAshley majored in psychology and minored in criminal justice from 2005-2009. During her time at Eon, she became the president of the Crimes Studies Club and headed an event called the McMichael Murder Mystery. This event collaborated with local Elon Law enforcement, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Science, and Performing Arts majors to create an interactive event in which teams of students analyzed a crime scene and acted as lawyers and detectives in order to solve the murder mystery!

Ashley attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 2009-2011 where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology and gained clinical experiences at a Detoxification/Inpatient and Outpatient Dual-Diagnosis Facility and at the Federal Medical Center-Butner. From 2011- 2016, Ashley attended Carlos Albizu University in Miami where she graduated with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a Forensic concentration. While in Miami, Ashley trained at another federal medical prison in Kentucky, worked with survivors of the earthquake in Haiti, provided treatment to juveniles on probation, conducted court-ordered evaluations and treatment with ex-offenders, and worked as an adjunct professor. Her dissertation was an evaluation of the effectiveness of the federal reentry program I CAN (Inmate Change and Alternative Network) which is directly related to her passion for reentry and contributing to the reduction of the national recidivism rate. Today, Ashley works as a psychologist for the Bureau of Prisons in New York City.

Mackenzie Lambine, PhD. Forensic Psychology

Photo of Mackenzie LambineMackenzie attended Elon from 2004-2008, receiving a BA in psychology. During this time, she developed an increasing interest in forensic psychopathology and assessment. As a result of this, Mackenzie went on to complete an MA in clinical forensic psychology at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island (2008-2010). During her time there, she focused upon the role of cognitive distortions in the offence progression of rapists and pedophiles, analyzing and assessing their offences according to the Self-Regulation Model (Ward, Bickley, Webster, Fisher, Beech, & Eldridge, 2004).

Mackenzie was recently awarded her PhD in Forensic Psychology at Middlesex University in London, UK. Her dissertation focused upon the male group dynamics inherent within multiple perpetrator rape, an umbrella term used to describe those offences occurring with more than two perpetrators. This encompasses not only gang-related rapes, but also those committed in wartime, fraternity and sport based sexual offences, and peer-on peer sexual violence.

Throughout her PhD, Mackenzie was employed as a lead facilitator and research consultant for an organization called Growing Against Gangs and Violence (GAGV), sponsored by the New Scotland Yard. She was responsible for delivering preventative education, emotional support, and front-line safeguarding services for young people at risk for sexual and gang-related violence. In addition to this, Mackenzie has also advised the UK Home Office on the risks faced by adolescent girls for gang-related sexual assault, sexual grooming, and exploitation in at-risk areas of London, and has recently been featured as an expert commentator in the Metropolitan Police Launch of Operation Makesafe, an initiative aimed at informing professionals of the warning signs of child sexual exploitation.

Stephen Michael, Ph.D. Legal Psychology

Steven MichaelAt Elon Steve majored in Psychology. He went to the University of Texas at El Paso for graduate school in psychology where he conducted research in deception detection and investigative interviewing. He has his Master’s degree (2010) in Experimental Psychology, and a Ph.D. (2013) in Psychology (Legal Concentration). His dissertation was titled: Strategic approaches to lying: Understanding their impact on psychological processes, cues to deception, and perceptions of observers. For the last two years he has been a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Mercer University in Georgia, and he recently accepted a position at Whitman College in Washington beginning in the 2015-16 academic year.

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