Criminal Justice Studies – Tailoring CJS minor with your major

Because of its interdisciplinary nature and large number of elective courses, the CJS minor is compatible with several majors. Students can combine their interests to produce programs of study that are personally relevant, intriguing and academically challenging. This can also prepare you for the workplace or further study in graduate or law programs.

Students with any major who have an interest in the CJS minor are invited to speak with any member of the CJS Advisory Committee about ways of merging the major with the minor to form individualized and intriguing combinations.

I knew I wanted to major in Biology when I got to Elon. After taking a course on serial killers, I developed an interest in criminal behavior which led me to pursue a minor in Criminal Justice Studies. I find the combination of my major, Biology, with the minor in Criminal Justice very fascinating. I plan to use my Biology major and Criminal Justice minor to attend graduate school and enter the profession of criminal psychology.

Elisa Bookman ’09, Biology major and CJS minor

Students majoring in Psychology, Sociology, Political Science and Human Services who also have a keen interest in criminal justice may want to focus several different courses of study. The following are some examples (click on the major to get to the list of courses):