Some of our students engage in undergraduate research and are mentored by CJS faculty. They enroll in CJS 499, SOC 499/498, PSY 499/498, and HSS 499/498. Students can use these credits as elective credits for their CJS minor. Below are some examples of students engaging in CJS-related research.

Photo of Colleen FitzpatrickColleen Fitzpatrick’s ’17 independent research sought to explain global variation in attitudes towards violence against women with a particular emphasis on the role of women’s political status at the national level. Compiling cross-national data from World Values Survey, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Colleen examined the complex relationship between political power (structure) and norms supporting gendered violence (culture). Colleen conducted this research as part of the Elon College Fellows program and was mentored by Dr. Zito in the sociology department. She presented her results at Elon’s Spring Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) and other professional conferences.

Photo of Cecily BasquinCecily Basquin ’16 took part in undergraduate research through the honors program. She worked on a project on English-as-a-Second Language eyewitnesses with Dr. Allison in the psychology department. She analyzed videotaped interviews of mock police officers and ESL witnesses. In her first study, she examined the accuracy of the testimonies. In the second study, she analyzed the misunderstandings that occurred. Cecily took part in Elon’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) twice, received a Rawls scholarship, and was a Provost Scholar. She presented her work at: Elon’s Spring Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) two times; the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR); the Colonial Academic Alliance conference; the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition’s (SARMAC) biennal international conference; and at the American Psychology-Law Society’s annual national conference. She also has one publication (2017) related to the project. Cecily is now attending graduate school in clinical psychology.

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