The Italian Studies minor engages students in developing linguistic proficiency, intercultural competence, and critical thinking skills. It consists of courses from a variety of disciplines—in Italian and in English—that focus on what fascinates us about the experiences and cultures of people in Italy and outside of Italy as a part of the Italian Diaspora: language, cuisine, art, literature, history, film, media, business, fashion, and more. Its courses are designed to develop expertise about Italy, its language, peoples and cultures; as well as to kindle passion, curiosity, and concern for other cultures more broadly.

The program is built upon traditional and innovative teaching and learning approaches: from close reading and analysis of literature, works of art, and film; to hands-on culinary classes and language learning through cutting-edge video games. The Italian Studies program engages students to learn to work with others through a variety of mediums in courses and internships on campus, around the US, and abroad in Florence and Sorrento. Thus, the program helps students to become informed global citizens and active producers, not just consumers, of knowledge.

Why should you consider a minor in Italian Studies?

  • Exciting cultural and language events: pizza, pasta, tiramisù making; game nights; and more.
  • Italian is a fun and extroverted language. Come find a new way to express yourself.
  • Study Abroad in Florence or Sorrento. Internships in a variety of fields and in English and/or Italian can be completed in Sorrento.
  • Combine the study of Italian with majors/programs with advanced language requirements.
  • A myriad of fantastic opportunities on and off campus for students of Italian, including the Italian Club, the World Languages Floor in the Global Neighborhood, regular conversation hours, video game and board game nights, culinary presentations, and more.

Want to learn more? Contact the Italian Studies Coordinator, Dr. Mena Marino ( for more information.