Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Faculty

Program Coordinator

The program coordinator is the main point of contact for Elon’s PPE program and carries out the day-to-day work of the minor in collaboration with the PPE Advisory Board. Responsibilities of the coordinator include regular communications with departments, faculty, and students; record-keeping and funds allocation; maintaining and updating program documents; course staffing and scheduling for PPE-prefixed courses; organizing co-curricular events and information sessions; and advising the PPE Society student organization. Coordinators are appointed by the Dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences, and serve three-year terms, open to renewal.

Advisory Board

Each core department of the PPE minor (Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics) appoints two members to the PPE Advisory Board. (The coordinator also serves as a representative of their department). Additionally, an “at-large” member may be appointed by the Advisory Board; any member of the faculty or staff is eligible for this position. Members of the PPE Advisory Board serve three-year terms, open to renewal. Advisory Board members serve as liaisons between their home departments and the PPE program, and work with the coordinator to recruit interested students to the minor, to organize co-curricular events, and to assist with long-range planning. Advisory Board members assist in staffing PPE-prefixed courses and support and mentor PPE minors.

Affiliated Faculty

Faculty affiliated with the PPE program are drawn from across the university. Any faculty member who has an academic interest and/or research agenda at the intersection of politics, economics, and philosophy, broadly conceived, can be affiliated with PPE. Faculty affiliated with PPE receive program announcements/updates and invitations to participate in co-curricular events and programming. They also signal to students a desire to support and mentor interdisciplinary research concerned with questions of wealth, power, and the public good. PPE-affiliated faculty incorporate a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, approaches, and methods. Elon faculty interested in being listed as affiliates can contact the program coordinator for more information.