The Elon B.A. in Economics

The B.A. in Economics is a traditional Arts & Sciences degree that concentrates on developing generalizable critical thinking skills, which can translate into virtually unlimited professional opportunities. Our innovative curriculum will provide you with modern data analytic skills and knowledge of a diverse array of content areas. You’ll also learn how to research a wide range of social and economic issues.

Many of our students choose to go to graduate school in areas such as law, public policy, public heath and economics. Our graduates are also highly sought after in government and industry, where they often enter research-related analyst positions. Recent alumni are employed in jobs with a wide array of government agencies and firms such as the Federal Reserve Bank, NERA Economic Consulting, Bates White, EY, American Action Forum, Berkeley Research Associates, Amazon, KPMG, Wells Fargo, and Credit Suisse.

As of June 1, 2022, the Elon Economics major is classified as a STEM designated-degree program by the Department of Homeland Security. The designation shows the extensive level of applied statistical knowledge, data analytic skills and experience that is developed within our major. It also provides the opportunity to obtain a STEM OPT extension for the F-1 visa after graduation.

Degree Requirements & Courses

Senior Capstone

All economics majors are required to complete a senior thesis – a sustained research project that is purposeful, integrative, applied and closely mentored by expert faculty. This work is done during your final two semesters, where you will develop your own research question, read the literature, and test theoretical predictions of economic models. Throughout the year, you’ll work closely with a constellation of mentors who will advise you on various aspects of the project.

Students have researched important issues of social and economic policy such as the motherhood penalty, the impact of Universal Basic Income programs, the effect of pollution on housing values, the impact of teachers on student achievement, the efficacy of microfinance programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the effect of Black Lives Matter protests on NFL ratings. Each year, many of our top seniors present their research at national undergraduate economics conferences.

Our students are also responsible for publishing Issues in Political Economy, the longest-running undergraduate research journal in the U.S. Students serve as editors and referees for submissions that come from economics students from all over the world.

Alumni agree that the hallmark of the BA in Economics is the senior thesis requirement.

“I really valued the mentorship and experiences I received – completing a thesis still stands as one of the best opportunities I had at Elon.”

Marina Thornton ’20, economics major

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