The Advisory Board

The Economic Consulting B.S.B.A. Board advises, promotes, and support the Department of Economics in the Love School of Business (LSB) as an integral unit of Elon University. Individually and collectively, the members of the board advise the faculty and chair of the Department of Economics in their efforts to serve the students and larger community better; support the efforts of the Department of Economics in providing relevant academic programs; assist in providing internships and job opportunities for students; and assist in the development of student consulting projects.

Advisory Board Members

Omolola Amoussou
African Development Bank

Katie Ballard-Bloomfield

Holly Brueggman ’17
NERA Economic Consulting

Mark Buckley

Adam Crouch ’12
BHG Financial

Brooks Depro
Elon University
Faculty Advisor

Peyton Pesavento ’23
Advisory Board, Student Representative

Emily Alps ’24
Advisory Board, Student Representative