An Introduction to Consulting Careers

We recommend that all Economic Consulting majors review the following short introductory course and guidance about careers in the consulting industry.

The Elon Consulting Club serves as a resource for Elon University students interested in pursuing careers in business consulting. We provide opportunities for interested students to participate in resume workshops, interview study sessions, case preparation, student/alumni presentations, networking events, projects for local companies, and intercollegiate competitions. The opportunities allow interested students and potential applicants to make contacts within the industry, learn theoretical basics and frameworks, gain practical experience in a safe environment and prepare for a successful application and career in consulting together with fellow students.

Planning Your Major Course Requirements

Based on past experiences with Elon Economic Consulting alumni, we recommend that Economic Consulting majors consider the timelines below to complete selected major course requirements.

Sophomore Year

  • ECO 3200 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory. Please also plan to complete the prerequisites (ECO 1000; and MTH 1160 or MTH 1510). ECO 2300 is also a corequisite or prerequisite for intermediate microeconomics.

Junior Year

  • ECO 3300 Introduction to Econometrics. Please plan to complete the prerequisites (ECO 1000; ECO 2300 or STS 2120; and MTH 1160 or MTH 1510 or higher; ECO 3100 or ECO 3200; or permission of instructor).
  • ECO 3100 Intermediate Macroeconomics or ECO 3120 Money and Banking.
  • MGT 3100 Foundations of Business Analytics. Please plan to complete the prerequisite (BUS 2100 Management Information Systems).

These courses will prepare you for an internship between your Junior and Senior years.

Junior and Senior Year (Fall Only)

  • ECO 4400 Economic Consulting

The course includes three mentored experiences designed to meet a variety of early career pathways for our majors. We encourage students to consider the course in their Junior year.

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2024

  • Economic Consulting Major Advanced Course Requirements
    • ECO 3200: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    • ECO 3300: Introduction to Econometrics
    • ECO 4400: Economic Consulting
  • Applied Business Courses
    • BUS 3260: Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • MGT 3100: Foundations of Business Analytics
  • Applied Macroeconomics
    • ECO 3100: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
    • ECO 3130: Federal Reserve Challenge
  • Applied Microeconomics
    • ECO 3110: International Trade & Finance*
    • ECO 3140: Gender and Development*
    • ECO 4710: Causal Inference*

*Contact your advisor for more information.