Economics (BA)

Develop your critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills. Learn the skills needed to understand changing economic conditions, what drives institutional change and how consumer behavior may change over time. The curriculum allows for you to pursue a broad set of interests ranging from international trade, public finance, environment, health, labor, monetary policy and development economics.

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Economics Degree Requirements & Courses

Economic Consulting (BSBA)

Develop strong skills in economics, business writing, big data analysis, and visual analytics to help solve some of today’s most pressing business and social problems. You can apply this training in exciting and fast-paced settings like antitrust, finance, intellectual property, health, labor, energy, and environment and natural resource policy.

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Economics Minor Requirements & Courses

Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)

As an interdisciplinary field, PPE is uniquely situated to ask normative questions in relation to political and economic practices, to consider the moral and political dimensions of economic activity, and to draw connections between issues that are of collective concern – locally, nationally, and globally.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor Requirements & Courses