Exploring Finance

Acquire a solid background in financial principles and practices. Develop the analytical skills necessary to excel in the competitive marketplace. Gain an understanding of how financial markets and institutions function in a global environment, and how finance functions in different types of organizations. Our majors pursue careers in all areas of finance, including banking, corporate finance, financial planning, asset management, insurance, and real estate.

Majors in Finance

Two majors are available in the Finance Department: Finance and Financial Technology (FinTech). As a finance major, you will learn to understand how to take limited information, in an uncertain world, and make the best financial decision possible. This decision-making process relates to portfolio management, real estate, financial planning, and many other areas. Our department’s goal is to prepare you to think critically about these topics in a way that will help you be prepared for your first job after graduation and to stand out among your peers throughout your career.

The FinTech major is tailor-made for students who are intrigued by finance and have a specific fascination with quantitative methods, data analysis, and basic programming. This program offers a unique blend of financial expertise and technological know-how, allowing you to explore computer science, data science, and mathematics. You will delve into how financial service firms, such as Venmo, Stripe, Robinhood, and others, harness emerging technologies to enhance functionality and create innovative ways to serve customers. With the FinTech major, you’ll be well-equipped to bridge the gap between finance and technology, preparing for a rewarding career in this rapidly evolving industry.

Finance students and faculty are supported with a variety of resources, including access to Bloomberg, FactSet and the Wharton Research Database (WRDS). Students participate in a number of organizations and activities, such as the Financial Management Association (FMA), Women in Finance and the annual CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Elon’s undergraduate finance program is a member of the:

Fall 2022 Letter from the Department Chair