Students that want to extend their equipment checkout from the Gear Room will need to download and complete the extended checkout form using the link below. Extended equipment checkouts are allowed for projects that will be evaluated by a professor, typically for courses that are at the 300 level and above. The form must be completed and signed by the evaluating professor and the director of multimedia projects for the School of Communications, then returned to the Gear Room prior to equipment checkout.

Extended Checkout Request Form


Shows will be scheduled for their weekly time slots after 5 p.m. during the fall semester. Only one show/shoot will be allowed to happen per night, and only the show shooting on a given night will have access to the studios and control rooms. The producers of each show are required to complete the Production Guide, which lists the necessary crew and any other needs (i.e., virtual interview information), three days prior to their shoot. The guide should then be emailed to

Students, faculty, staff or departments who wish to reserve the studios or control rooms for class projects will continue to book them through Julie Prouty in the Gear Room one week prior to their shoot. During that time frame, Prouty will contact Quintin Brenner, Jeff James, and Bryan Baker to ensure engineers are available. A studio manager and/or faculty/staff adviser will also need to be present during the shoot. A crew list will need to be provided via the Production Guide to Not everyone will be able to email the list, in which case the crew sheet should be sent to Baker (, Colin Donohue ( and/or Katie Halter (

In the event someone on the crew list needs to be replaced at the last minute, highlight the changes in the Production Guide and resend to Keeping your crew accurate and updated is important for contact tracing purposes, if necessary.

The listserv will include studio manager(s), faculty/staff advisers, engineers, Jeff James, Quintin Brenner, Katie Halter, Colin Donohue, and Bryan Baker.

The studio and control rooms will be available for reservation at certain times throughout the day based on studio manager and engineer scheduling. They must be scheduled 24 hours in advance through the Gear Room. Drop-in shoots will not be allowed.

Production Guide Form


Faculty, staff, and students that would like to use the television studios must sign the Health and Wellness Pledge prior to entering the control room and studios for the first time.

Control Room and Studios Health and Wellness Pledge


With the widespread growth and popularity of drones for personal, educational and commercial use, operators must understand and follow the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the School of Communications. Anyone using a personal or university-owned drone must read and conform to the guidelines outlined and sign the attached form. Whether you are flying a drone for fun or for a class project, there are four important areas of concern: Regulations, Safety, Privacy & Ethics.

Elon Comm Drone Policy 2020