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Community Connections. Join the conversation. Be heard.Students, faculty, staff, and local community members will be carefully selected to discuss a chosen topic in an open, educational, and respectful forum to benefit Elon University and the wider community.


Our moderator will open the evening and facilitate the conversation beginning at 7:00pm. After opening remarks we will hear from our four invited panelists.

During the program the audience will be encouraged to ask into a microphone or write any questions they would like to have addressed to continue the conversation.

By 8:15 p.m. the moderator will close the conversation and invite all participants and audience members to continue sharing their views informally at a reception following the event.


February 21, 2018


Moseley building on Elon’s campus in McKinnon


The Erosion of Public Trust

A recent Gallup poll shows confidence in journalism and organized religion is at a record low, with trust in banks, organized religion, news media, and congress dropping the most in the past decade. Diminished trust in the institutions that serve as a foundation for our society can lead to apathy, low rates of voting, volunteerism, and civic participation. Our panel will discuss erosion of the public’s trust and possible ways to rebuild our faith in government, education, corporations, news media via accusations of “fake” news and other essential institutions.


Freebird McKinney, ABSS Teacher of the Year

Allen Johnson, Greensboro News & Record

Zach Ambrose, Principal at Ambrose Strategy and former Chief of Staff to Governor Perdue


This event will be covered by the Burlington Times-News, and Elon University’s WSOE and Elon News Network.


It is the duty and privilege of Elon University and local community members to come together and discuss important issues in an open and respectful manner. The intention of this event is to bring together thought leaders in meaningful debate and dialogue.

Please email Naeemah Clark if you have any questions.

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