The Center for Research on Global Engagement was created in the Fall of 2015 to facilitate, support, and promote scholarship on global engagement.

Elon has long been recognized nationally as a practitioner of global engagement by the Center of International Education in its “Open Doors Report” for study abroad participation, by The Chronicle of Higher Education for student Fulbright grant recipients, by NAFSA as a recipient of the Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization, and by the Princeton Review as “#1 in Study Abroad.”

The Center for Research on Global Engagement aims to foster high quality scholarship related to research on global engagement on campus, as well as develop national and international partnerships, establish and share researched best practices in global education, enhance our position as a leader in global education, promote the integration of global education into the Elon curriculum, and support Elon’s mission to prepare students to be global citizens.

The creation of the Center for Research on Global Engagement is consistent with Elon’s previous strategic plan, “The Elon Commitment”, and the new strategic plan, “Boldly Elon”.

CRGE Annual Reports

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CRGE Award Recipient

Taylor Garner ’20 Receives National Academic Achievement Award

Taylor Garner ’20 received the Forum on Education Abroad 2019 Award for Academic Achievement Abroad, which recognizes significant academic projects during an education abroad program, during forum’s virtual annual conference.

Garner explains her research in a virtual question-and-answer session.

Taylor Garner ’20, bottom right, talking about her research during the virtual conference.

Garner’s work on her thesis, “Mobilizing Memories: Women’s Affective and Embodied Memory Work in Argentina and Palestine,” took her to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a semester and to Nablus, Palestine, for a summer.

An Honors Fellow Garner has also won a Center for Research on Global Engagement research grant, the Undergraduate Research Program Advisory Committee’s Rawls grant, and the Heidi Frontani Memorial Study Abroad Essay Contest, which comes with an award to support study abroad.

These connections and conversations were powerful cross-cultural moments for Garner to learn about the complexity of her host community while also addressing stereotypes about the United States. When Garner was asked charged questions, she saw it as an opportunity to broaden and complicate certain one-dimensional views of American identities.

The award comes with a $500 prize to help support Garner’s research moving forward. In the meantime, Garner shared advice for future education abroad students: “Don’t let anyone tell you that studying abroad is not hard, because it is … but it’s supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to challenge your perspective.”


*Excerpts of the featured story about Taylor Garner from the Elon News Network were used to write this.