Scholarship on Global Engagement

The Center for Research on Global Engagement seeks to facilitate and showcase innovative scholarship on global engagement. The current ’23-’24 CRGE grant awardees are highlighted here.


Bethany visiting the Petra in Jordan while abroad.

Bethany Marzella ’24 | Between Conflict and Coexistence: Intra Islamic Relations in Iraq

Major: International and global studies
Mentor: Dr. Sandy Marshall

Bethany Marzella, alongside her research mentor, Dr. Sandy Marshall, inquires how Saddam Hussein’s legacy of sectarianism and the current sectarian conflict impact Iraqi diaspora communities. She is also investigating whether memory of the Sunni-Shia relations during Saddam Hussein’s presidency has evolved and how the conflict is remembered by Iraqi diaspora communities. Beside analyzing media content and political speeches, Bethany conducted interviews with people from Iraqi diaspora communities, some of which occurred during her semester abroad in Jordan in Fall 2023. CRGE funding was used to interview Iraqi immigrants in London in the summer of 2023.


Sitare Sadeghi ’25 | Exploring the Pedagogical Piano Repertoire of Iran

Major : Music theater | Minor: Piano pedagogy
Mentor: Dr. Douglas Jur

In a world that privileges music from Western Europe, Sitare Sadeghi looks to diversify piano pedagogy by studying Iranian classical music and how to teach it. Researching and assembling important and powerful examples of Iranian pedagogical literature is just one aspect of the research project. Sitare and her mentor hope to create a catalog of teaching repertoire that includes unique aspects of Iranian classical music. They also hope to commission a pedagogical piece that articulates an aspect of Iranian musical culture for beginner or intermediate piano students. Her project will fill a gap in piano pedagogy by studying the rich body of piano repertoire from Iran, which can ultimately benefit piano teachers and students around the country.

Claire Pryzbocki ’24 | Polish Catholic Nationalism and the Rise of Anti- Immigration Policy

Majors: Economics & International and global studies
Mentor: Dr. Brian Pennington

Today, Poland employs religious nationalism through law to prevent multiculturalism from developing. Claire Pryzbocki is investigating how Poland’s religious identity to Catholicism is connected to anti- immigrant and anti- Muslim policies. Claire is also investigating whether Poland’s membership in the European Union might be challenged by exclusivist sentiments towards Muslim migrants in Poland.

Daniel Scheff ’24 | Andal: Constructions, Expressions, and Subversions of Indian Womanhood through a Ninth-Century Woman Saint

Majors: Political science & Religious studies
Mentor: Dr. Amy Allocco

Daniel Scheff is researching a ninth-century Hindu religious figure named Andal, who was among twelve Hindu poet-saints called alvars. Specifically, Daniel is researching if and how interpretations and expressions of Andal are deployed to negotiate possibilities of Indian womanhood. Through interviews and participant observation, Daniel seeks to understand contemporary dancers’, scholars’, and devotees’ relationship to Andal. Secondly, Daniel is analyzing the extent to which diverse interpretations of Andal and her texts are responding to – and potentially challenging – dominant models of acceptable womanhood formulated in colonial and postcolonial India. Daniel traveled to Tamil Nadu, South India over the summer of 2023 to engage with various communities and do ethnographic fieldwork.