The MHE has 12 learning goals, which are presented within three broad themes. The first theme incorporates Elon’s commitment to engaged learning, student development and an inclusive community. The second theme describes the foundational knowledge for a higher education generalist and reflects CAHEP content recommendations. The third theme emphasizes the importance of acquiring skills needed for effective professional practice.

Programmatic Themes & Associated Student Learning Goals

Theme One: Engaged Learning and Student Development (ELSD)

  1. Understands principles of effective undergraduate education
  2. Understands theory and research in student learning and development
  3. Understands the importance of social justice and inclusion
  4. Understands the role of advising and is able to promote and support student agency in a wide variety of settings

Theme Two: Foundations of Higher Education Administration (FDNS)

  1. Understands the values, philosophy, and history of higher education
  2. Understands law, policy, and governance of higher education
  3. Understands the management of human and organizational resources
  4. Understands higher education administration and practice

Theme Three: Professional Practice

  1. Understands uses of assessment, evaluation, and research
  2. Has well developed leadership skills
  3. Engages in ethical professional practice
  4. Demonstrates oral and written communication skills