Table of Contents

Additional faculty information in sections A-D are only available online.


  1. Introduction and Faculty Bylaws
    1. Institutional Statements
      1. Elon University Mission Statement
      2. Professional Schools’ Mission Statements
        1. School of Business
        2. School of Communications
        3. School of Education
        4. School of Law
      3. The Elon Teacher-Scholar
    2. Board of Trustees
    3. Administrative Policy and Shared Governance
    4. Handbook Definitions
    5. Faculty Bylaws
  2. Academic Affairs
    1. Recruitment and Selection of Teaching Faculty
    2. Contracts
      1. Contracts for Teaching Faculty
        1. Categories of Appointments
        2. Granting of Tenure
        3. Granting of Professional Status
        4. Review Process
          1. Probationary Period for Faculty on Tenure or Professional Track
          2. Probationary Period for Faculty on Continuing Track and Lecture Track
          3. Stop the Clock
          4. Non-Renewal of Probationary Faculty
          5. Post-Probationary Reviews
          6. Applying for a Tenure Track Opening from an Existing Position
          7. Moving from a Professional Status Appointment to a Tenure Track Appointment
      2. Contracts for Appointment to Faculty Rank: Academic Support Staff and Administrative Staff
    3. Faculty Compensation
      1. Faculty Salary
      2. Chair Overload Policy
      3. Compensation for Internship Supervision
      4. Faculty Workload and Reassigned-Time Plan
      5. Undergraduate Research Mentoring (499) Compensation Policy
    4. Faculty Rank and Responsibilities
    5. Academic Freedom
    6. Statement of Professional Standards
    7. Professional Development for Teaching Faculty
      1. Introduction
      2. Faculty Travel
      3. Grants Awarded by the Faculty Research and Development Committee
        1. Sabbatical Leaves
        2. Summer Fellowships
        3. Released Time Fellowships
        4. Research, Development and Advanced Study
        5. Hultquist Fund Summer Fellowships
    8. Evaluation of Teaching Faculty
      1. Introduction
      2. Reviews
      3. The Evaluation System for Teaching Faculty Applying for Tenure, Professional Status and/or Promotion
      4. The Evaluation System for Teaching Faculty Applying for Continuance at Elon on Continuing Track or Lecture Track Appointments
      5. Criteria for Evaluation of Teaching Faculty
      6. Files for Teaching Faculty
      7. Student Perceptions of Teaching (Unit IV)
      8. Schedule of Activities for Evaluation of Teaching Faculty
      9. Responsibilities in the Evaluation of Full-Time Teaching Faculty
      10. Faculty Appeal
      11. Removal for Cause
    9. Faculty and Administrative Evaluation System
      1. (Unit I) Annual Report for Teaching Faculty Member
      2. (Unit III) Evaluation of Teaching Faculty Member by the Department Chair
      3. (Unit IV) Student Evaluations
        1. Student Perceptions of Teaching
        2. Student Evaluation of the Learning Process for Faculty Teaching Graduate Courses
      4. (Unit V) Evaluation of Teaching Faculty Member by the Dean
      5. Evaluation of Department Chair
      6. Evaluation of Dean
      7. Evaluation of Provost
    10. Procedures for Hearings/Complaints
      1. Hearing Procedures for Employees with Faculty Rank
      2. Faculty Grievance Procedure
      3. Grade Appeal Procedure
    11. Appeal Process: Tenure/Promotion and Continuance Decision
    12. Committees of the Faculty: Policies and Procedures
    13. The Instructional Program: Policies and Procedures
      1. Faculty Attendance related to Instructional Responsibilities
      2. Introduction to the Course
      3. Class Rolls
      4. Use of Class Periods
      5. Classroom Responsibilities
      6. Class Absences
      7. Testing Procedures
      8. Missed Tests and Examinations
      9. Reading Lists
      10. Term Papers
      11. Honor Code Policy
      12. Final Examinations
      13. Collection Policy
      14. Grading System and Quality Points
      15. Posting of Grades
      16. Mid-Semester Progress Reports
      17. Final Grades
      18. Academic Warning, Probation & Suspension
      19. Independent Study Guidelines
      20. Special Courses
      21. Incomplete Grade Policy
      22. Notes
      23. Advising Students
      24. Teaching Faculty Office Hours
    14. Curriculum and Curriculum Changes
    15. Graduate Program
    16. Department and Committee Annual Reports
      1. Evaluation by Department Chair or Program Director
      2. Evaluation by Department Members
      3. Committee Annual Report and Evaluation
      4. Evaluation by Committee Members
    17. Faculty-Administrative Communication Flow
    18. Responsibilities: Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deans and Department Chairs
    19. Elon University Intellectual Property Policy

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Additional items (sections A-D) include personnel policies; campus information and programs; organizations and administration of the institution; faculty, staff, and committee lists.