Headshot of Susan Chinworth, PT, Ph.D..

Susan Chinworth, PT, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Physical Therapy Education

Dr. Susan Chinworth has more than 20 years of clinical experience, primarily in orthopedics. Her research involves community ambulation and exercise techniques. She has a doctorate in physical education from Texas Woman’s University.

Headshot of Joyce Davis, PhD.

Joyce Davis, PhD

Professor, Department of Exercise Science

Dr. Davis conducts motion analysis to improve performance and reduce injury in dancers and other athletes. She has a PhD from Temple University and a MS degree from the University of Northern Iowa. Dr. Davis has presented her work at national and international venues and is past president of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education’s (NASPE) Biomechanics Academy. Dr. Davis has varied research interest having studied muscle activation in barefoot runners; balance, chronic knee injuries, and jump performance of dancers; and effects of foot position on jumping.

Headshot of Srikant Vallabhajosula, PhD.

Srikant Vallabhajosula, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Education

Dr. Srikant Vallabhajosula specializes in applying the principles of biomechanics to study human posture and movement. His research agenda includes studying posture and movement related questions pertaining to the domains of stair climbing, motor control, motor learning, and Parkinson ’s disease and Musculoskeletal disorders like Osteoporosis. He received his doctoral degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with specialization in Biomechanics from the University of Florida. He did his M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Cincinnati and his B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) from Osmania University in India. He received post-doctoral training at the Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Headshot of Matthew Wittstein, PhD.

Matthew Wittstein, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise Science

Dr. Wittstein uses principles of biomechanics and motor control to understand how people move and control their movements. He regularly teaching in the core Exercise Science curriculum, including Biomechanics and Neuromotor Control. His scholarly work includes the use of Virtual Reality to assess and improve gait and balance, electroencephalography (EEG) to understand brain activity in the context of physical rehabilitation and training, and using a dynamical systems approach to evaluate the patterns and rhythms in movement and physiological functions (such as stride patterns and cardiac rhythms).Much of Dr. Wittstein’s current scholarly work reflects his enthusiasm for mentoring undergraduate students and supporting their research ideas. In addition to working at Elon, he is also involved as a youth swim coach during the high school and summer seasons in Greensboro.

Headshot of Melissa Scales.

Melissa Scales, PhD, PT, DPT

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Education

Dr. Melissa Scales is a board certified specialist in pediatric physical therapy. Her research interests include measuring pediatric gait, specifically in children with Idiopathic Toe-Walking, and understanding the learning and study strategies of first-year physical therapy students. Dr. Scales works with Elon graduate and undergraduate students in the biomechanics lab to assess alterations in pediatric gait patterns utilizing electronic walkway systems and wearable sensors, measuring dynamic joint movement using observational video software and wearable sensors, and measuring jumping, stair mobility, and balance in children and adults with joint hypomobility.

Headshot of Jack Magill.

Jack Magill, PT, DPT

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Education

Dr. Jack Magill is a board certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, as well as a recognized fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapists. His interests include pediatric/adolescent rehabilitation and return to sport assessment following ACL reconstruction and predictive modeling of athletic performance and injury risk assessment. Dr. Magill works with Elon graduate students as a collaborator and mentor to support and develop their research interests.

Photo of  Paula DiBiasio.

Paula DiBiasio

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Education

Photo of Bill Andrews, EdD, PT .

Bill Andrews, EdD, PT

Professor of Physical Therapy Education

Photo of Jacob Gdovin.

Jacob Gdovin

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Photo of Jasmine Powell.

Jasmine Powell

Lecturer in Performing Arts

Photo of Jen Guy Metcalf.

Jen Guy Metcalf

Associate Professor of Dance