Program Requirements

Download the Peace Corps Prep Student Guide 


Students pursuing the Peace Corps Prep certificate need to demonstrate the following:

  • Training and experience in a specific work sector (Agriculture, Community Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, or Youth in Development), which includes at least 3 courses in the sector and at least 50 hours of service in the same sector.
  • Foreign language skills, which depends upon your Peace Corps service goals.
  • Intercultural competence, which may be demonstrated through a combination of courses and experiences that ask you to reflect upon your role in the world.
  • Professional and leadership development, which requires you to not only to demonstrate your leadership through a leadership role or organizing a large event, but also prepares you for the Peace Corps application process with resume feedback and interview preparation.

Upon successful completion of the above requirements, with the guidance and review of your sector faculty advisor, you will receive the Peace Corps Prep Program certificate from Peace Corps headquarters.

As a liberal arts institution, your experience at Elon is great preparation for Peace Corps service. You will be able to meet many of the Peace Corps Prep expectations with your graduation requirements such as intermediate language skills and completion of courses in the Core curriculum, and Elon experiences such as service-work and study abroad.

You can find specific information about these requirements for each sector in the Peace Corps Prep Student Guide Peace Corps Prep Student Guide.