Does my major have to match a Peace Corps program to be in the Peace Corps Prep Program?

No. With good course planning you can have any major and participate in the Peace Corps Prep Program.

Additionally, the six Peace Corps sectors align closely with several on-campus minors, so there are many ways to incorporate the Peace Corps Prep program into your academic plan.


Teaching & Learning minor

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages minor


Public Health Studies minor


Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor

Youth in Development

Human Service Studies minor

Community Economic Development

Reach out to the Community Economic Development Faculty Advisor, Dr. Tonmoy Islam, about programs in the Love School of Business that align with Peace Corps goals.

What is expected of me if I sign up for the PCPP?

We expect this is a serious commitment and working with your PCPP faculty advisor you will track a path toward service. You will also be notified about relevant course updates, social and informative PCPP gatherings and opportunities, and Peace Corps announcements.

What if I'm a senior? Can I still do the PC Prep Program?

Yes! At this time, students at all levels can participate in the Peace Corps Prep program. If you are a senior and your major or minor align with the Peace Corps Prep requirements, you might fulfill the certificate with little extra effort. Because the PC Prep program requires only 3 sector-specific courses, you may only need a few adjustments to your course schedule. Please reach out to your sector advisor or program director Dr. Eidum as soon as possible!

What counts toward the experiential part of the program?

Study abroad, internships, work experience, and other extracurricular activities you are doing already count towards the experiential portion of the program. Check with the director of the PCPP to get your experience to count!

Will completing Peace Corps Prep program ensure that I get into the Peace Corps?

Peace Corps Prep does give you a competitive edge, but there aren’t any guarantees.

What is the time commitment?

There is no major time commitment, just the experiential requirement, which you’re probably already doing, and the required courses.

Will Peace Corps Prep be automatically tracked via the Elon audit process?

Not currently. But the requirements can be downloaded so they can be reviewed with your faculty advisor.

Will the Peace Corps Prep certificate show up on my transcript?

Not currently. But you will receive a certificate directly from the Peace Corps.

How will Peace Corps service affect my career?

Peace Corps service is a gateway to international work, including USAID, State Department and NGOs. PC service is also highly recognized for its development of valued work and personal skill sets that can be an edge in all types of employment. You can find more information on the Peace Corps website.

How can I sign up and who can I contact if I have any questions?

Sign up here!

You may also contact Elon’s Peace Corps Prep Program Director, Dr. Jennifer Eidum.


Where can I find answers to general questions about the Peace Corps?

The Peace Corps’ website has a great FAQ.