The Student Life Assessment and Planning committee develops and maintains a culture of assessment for the Division of Student Life. The committee advances a culture of assessment by providing educational opportunities, coordinates departmental assessment projects, and supports the implementation of department program reviews. To further explore each of these areas, visit the links on the menu.

Student Life Departmental Program Reviews

As the Division of Student Life works to achieve its strategic goal of becoming a “world-class student life division” it is important that a regular and systematic review of each department takes place. The reviews should be based on the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) standards for the department/area unless there are other professional standards commonly used in that functional area. Each departmental review will include the following components: self-study, campus review, external review, and executive summary and response plan.

Departmental Assessment Reports

In order to support a culture of assessment within Student Life and to align with University priorities connected to accreditation, each year Student Life departments are tasked with developing an assessment project. The assessment project process is coordinated through the Assessment and Planning committee. Departments are welcome to pursue new ideas, build upon existing assessments, or utilize institutional data to help inform projects.  Departments can identify one person or multiple individuals working together to complete projects.

Education and Resources

The Assessment and Planning Committee, in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, provides educational resources and opportunities available in order to enhance assessment competency for staff in the division of student life. The committee provides a resource bank and hosts lunch and learns throughout the year to support staff professional development.