AlcoholEdu for College is a 2- to 3-hour program produced by EverFi. Delivered in an interactive web-based format, this evidence based course provides information about alcohol use and is designed to encourage students to make healthful or low risk choices.

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AlcoholEdu for Sanctions

AlcoholEdu for Sanctions is an online course designed specifically to help college students who have violated alcohol policies make safer and healthier choices and to avoid further negative alcohol-related outcomes.

Course Length:

  • Approximately 45 minutes

Alcohol Discussion Workshop (ADW)

The Alcohol Discussion Workshop (ADW), is a two-hour group intervention incorporating motivational interviewing to guide students through activities focused on increasing awareness of the physiological effects of alcohol, alcohol-related harms to self/others, identifying personal harm-reduction strategies, supporting others’ choice not to drink, and bystander intervention skills.


  • AlcoholEdu for Sanctions

Alcohol eCheck Up To Go (eCHUG)

The Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO is an interactive, web-based assessment tool that provides students with individualized feedback regarding their alcohol use and helps to identify any risk of harm associated with drinking.


BASICS is an acronym for Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students; it consists of individual sessions with trained interviewers in which students examine their own drinking behavior in a confidential, judgment-free environment. The goal is to help students take a critical look at their choices and ultimately reduce their risks.

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Faculty Winter Term Grants

Faculty teaching undergraduate courses during Winter Term are invited to apply for grants of up to $300 each to provide evening or weekend activities that enhance the winter term academic experience.

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Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs

Learn how to reduce the risks associated with the consumption of alcohol or the misuse of prescription drugs, the benefits of quitting using tobacco products and general tips about partying responsibly.

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Party Smart at Elon

Mental Health & Substance Use

Mental health and substance use are often linked. Some people with untreated mental illnesses may use substances such as alcohol or other drugs to cope with their condition.

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Alcohol & Other Drug Overdose

Poisoning is now the leading cause of death from injuries in the United States; nine out of ten poisoning deaths are caused by drugs.

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