Elon’s Generative AI Statement for University Operations

At Elon University, we are committed to using artificial intelligence (AI) to support and advance university operations in alignment with the University’s Generative AI Statement. AI holds immense potential for our daily work, and we are committed to deploying AI technologies in ways that support both effectiveness and efficiency. In doing so, we must recognize the importance of using AI responsibly and ethically within our administrative practices. We must remain committed to responsible adoption and deployments.

Guiding Principles:

  • Privacy and Data Protection: Safeguarding privacy and protecting personal and university data is paramount. We will handle data in compliance with relevant privacy laws, regulations, and university policies, ensuring that data collected and processed by AI systems is used only for authorized and legitimate purposes.
  • User Consent and Control: We respect user autonomy and provide individuals with appropriate levels of control over their participation in AI-powered administrative processes. We will seek affirmative consent from users when collecting and utilizing their data and provide options for opting out or limiting AI-driven interactions where feasible.
  • Security and Reliability: We prioritize the security and reliability of our AI systems. We will implement robust measures to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and service disruptions, ensuring the integrity and availability of AI-powered administrative processes.
  • Partnership with Information Technology (IT): IT members will lend their expertise, leadership, and guidance to support AI exploration and implementations. Guided by additional principles pertinent to Information Technology and Information Security, IT will partner with units across campus to explore AI.
  • Alignment with University Policies: Adoption of AI must remain consistent with university policies.

By adhering to these principles, we strive to foster an environment that promotes fairness, transparency, and responsible use of AI technologies in our administrative processes at Elon University.